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Intelligence torrent reviews

Mike L (jp) wrote: A genuinely creepy, subtly intelligent horror film that truly impressed me. It's been a while since a low budget horror movie has made this type of impression on me. The ending is confusing at first but once you either put it together yourself or look up it up somewhere, it will make sense and will leave a lingering sting. Another great little addition to this horror gem is the hilarious dialogue/one liners and seemingly real chemistry between the two leads throughout the movie. The Borderlands does so many things right and I'm fully impressed. Other true horror fans will be too. If you love horror, this should be your next watch

Anna B (ag) wrote: The first act is really pretty bad, especially the travelogue montages, but it has a nice stretch in the middle that ended up being quite affecting, and the last act isn't terrible, in spite of the kooky shenanigans. It's sad to see Payne gradually forget the art of telling jokes that he so ably demonstrated in Election. But at least he doesn't completely despise these characters and delight in their suffering.

Brian B (mx) wrote: Four and a half stars hands down! We see two A List actors step out of their normal roles to prove just how versatile they truly are. Jamie Foxx, well known for his comedy made this movie worth watching! He proved he's not just a comedian by showing a serious side and Tom Cruise showed just how much of a bad boy he can be as a relentless hit man on the prowl. Go see it, enough said!

Luke G (mx) wrote: Annette Bening is nothing short of a virtuoso actress. This role as Julia Lambert proves such a statement easily. I was sucked into Bening's performance, and I was easily trapped in her web of personas. Being Julia tells the story of actress who is bored with her current life and needs something to fulfill the emptiness. Whether that thing is a younger boy who is the age of her son or a new production she is working on, Bening pushes herself in this role, and it shows. The beautiful direction, story, plot, actors, actresses, screenplay, and scenery shine through in a beautiful, unforgettable film that well-deservingly won many accolades for its triumphant and powerful message. Superb, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves amazing acting and occasional hilarious comedy.

Rachel H (ru) wrote: THIS MADE NO SENSE TO ME

Jenny W (ca) wrote: Charming, funny and lovable

Mark S (jp) wrote: Overlooked today in favor of its folk soundtrack, "O Brother" stands out among the Coen bros films that tell a deep story with important themes, yet don't take themselves too seriously. O Brother takes The Odyssey and transports it to Depression-era Mississippi, and it will be remembered for clever dialog that's fitting for the time period. The use of repetition will be amusing for many, but annoying to other moviegoers.

Ally G (fr) wrote: This movie is laugh-out-loud dark comedy... total weirdness, and totally enjoyable.

Brad W (ru) wrote: I didn't realize Glenn Ford made so many Westerns! All good so far!

Will D (ag) wrote: Simple but perfect tale of a poor family surviving by thrift and theft.