A coming of age piece: an exploration of love, relationships, and sexuality. The story revolves around a married college Professor who unexpectedly falls in love with one of her female ...

A coming of age piece: an exploration of love, relationships, and sexuality. The story revolves around a married college Professor who unexpectedly falls in love with one of her female ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Intentions torrent reviews

Carine B (nl) wrote: Une histoire vraie d'un homme innocent, bris (C) par l'erreur de la justice. tr (C)mouvant et trs bien interpr (C)t (C) par Sami Bouajila.

Stephanie A (fr) wrote: I would let my children watch this, but I can't sit through this again

Joyce T (fr) wrote: Excellent performances by the cast with an exceptionally moving performance by Emily Watson, anchoring the film as it ricochettes between two nations at opposite ends of the globe. Very restrained approach by Ken Loam with the plethora of social justice source material.

Christine D (es) wrote: It was ok. Had interesting moments but overall not that appealing.

Leslie B (jp) wrote: Great movie whoooot whooot

Stefan D (br) wrote: Found it abit slow for the most part, but was impressed with Kane Hodder's acting! For a stuntman he does a pretty good job, although I like Kane alot I still believe he was wrongly casted for this role as Ed Gein was no hulking monster of a man like Kane is, all in all I think it's worth a watch but don't expect the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Jordan C (br) wrote: Lmao! I didn't think they'd have this

Adam P (de) wrote: Not a normal superhero movie. Although it had a potentially good storyline, the bad acting, production value, and film technique made this movie a bit of a dud.

WS W (nl) wrote: Dame Judi Dench + Dame Maggie Smith + Daniel Brhl + Natascha McElhone in this kinda plain drama.

Robbie F (ag) wrote: I thought this was amazing. Adrian Grenier did a great job soul searching while making a great piece of art. I also loved the ending how he staged a couple scenes, that was very creative. Adrian also proved that he has the capabilities to do other things than be totally awesome in Entourage as Vinny Chase. If you haven't seen it yet SEE IT ASAP!!!!!!

Chris B (mx) wrote: Going into the film Swordfish, honestly, I wasn't expecting much more then a mindless action film with a barely believable premise. I was not entirely wrong as the film does focus a lot of big shoot outs and explosions and other superficial things to keep the viewer interested. It at least held my attention and had just enough of a plot to keep the film moving forward and only a few major characters with little backstory and development. The film is directed by Dominic Sena, who also directed Gone in 60 Seconds. While it isn't significantly better, it at least uses its characters and doesn't waste talent, like the previously mentioned. Here Halle Berry isn't left with nothing to do and the bare minimal lines like Angelina Jolie. The plot is quite absurd and takes many liberties in its characters and their abilities with a seemingly unbeatable boss (John Travolta) who is always several moves ahead. Hugh Jackman plays an expert computer hacker who, after being arrested and locked up, loses his girl when his ex-wife moves on with someone else. His ex-wife has serious substance issues and the new man is a porn producer of all things, leaving his daughter to fend for herself. He wants nothing more then to get her back and he is willing to do anything to get her back and that is where our film begins. While computer hacking isn't that interesting to watch, the film at least balances it out with super unrealistic expectations and violence thrown in to keep the viewer interested. You can certainly do worse then Swordfish, but also much better, as it really doesn't leave a lasting or meaningful impression once the credits have rolled. I believe as long as your expectations are tempered before going in, it will make for a passable viewing experience.

Sandy C (gb) wrote: randolph scott was a better western protagist actor but didn't get the best scripts, co-stars, big budgets, and top directors.john wayne's bellowing gets old eventually.

Adam R (ca) wrote: Makes an interesting contrast in bookends to The Passion of Joan of Arc.

Dougie Lawless P (de) wrote: GOOD F*CKEN SUPER HERO FLICK

Libby B (kr) wrote: not as good as the book - it was sadly disappointing - Morgan Freeman is too old to play Alex Cross

Sean U (ag) wrote: Would have been good but as usual the loving husband father (male) is expendable. Who cares as long as the mother even though the one using the boy gets to stay alive. Every horror movie just about the male role is killed off. F Hollywood. Anyway the movie was surprisingly good but making a feel good movie but giving no way out for the good father draws you back to 3 stars.