Interceptor Force 2

Interceptor Force 2

In the not too distant future a new team of specially trained government soldiers called an Interception Team contend with the latest hostile alien encounter. When an alien scout ship crashes in eastern Russia, Sean Lambert and his elite force are dispatched to investigate. They come face-to-face with a seemingly invincible seven-foot tall, shape shifting foe hell-bent on blowing up a Russian nuclear power plant in an effort to destroy mankind through a nuclear winter. The stakes become personal when the alien discovers it was Lambert who killed its mate four years ago (Interceptor Force). A major battle ensues as the Interceptor Team look to save the Earth from alien annihilation.

In the not too distant future a new team of specially trained government soldiers called an Interception Team contend with the latest hostile alien encounter. When an alien scout ship ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sabena A (ag) wrote: What an amazing movie from Bollywood, very string massage and acting by all the actors, definitely worth watching.

Ernesto M (au) wrote: This movie is a fantasic work that really seems to know what it is talking about.

Joshy F (fr) wrote: He faced 10 people and beat them this film is great

Christopher E (us) wrote: A story of true courage, "Lone Survivor" is a beautifully crafted and gritty war film that will leave you stunned.The true story of four Navy Seals who embark on a mission to infiltrate and eliminate a high valued Taliban target. However, when their op is compromised, they are left with a moral dilemma which will put them in the most bloodiest firefight of their lives. To start out, this may be one of my most favorite war films out there. It's so gritty and realistic in so many ways and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. The cinematography looks amazing and the visuals are so realistic that it can be disturbing on multiple occasions. This is an amazing tribute to the men who went through this and it also opens up new perspectives to its audiences. This is an overlooked and underrated war film that deserves a lot of praise.First off, the cinematography was actually really gorgeous. The landscapes and the scenery all added to the film and it just helped put you in this certain state of mind that would help you fall into the movie. Everything from the visuals to the firefights looked completely phenomenal. Whenever the fighting went down, there wasn't a whole bunch of music blaring or firework explosions everywhere (cough, cough, Michael Bay) but rather, blood was being spilled and men were getting shot. It was real and it was gritty and it will cause some people to look away from the screen in shock. In my opinion, that is the best way to pay tribute to what these men suffered and it makes for some grueling minutes.Although they often struggle with character development, I personally found myself attached to the characters. This is one of those films where if you watch it multiple times, you find yourself growing attached to the characters at hand. However, for first time viewers, they won't be able to develop much relation to the characters on screen, which creates a problem when their lives are in peril. It makes an attempt at character development, however, it just falls short. Still, realizing what these men went through and watching their pictures come up on screen at the end is enough for me to respect what they went through and I wish nothing but the best for the real people involved in this situation.I also praise the director and the talent in this film. There was a clear, unified vision here and everyone knew the story that needed to be told. You could see exactly how the director wanted to shoot and tell the story and I love seeing that clear goal in mind. The actors here also brought out the realism, which is something most of us will take for granted. None of them will win an Oscar by any means, but they all fulfilled their roles well and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to create the film.Besides the breathtaking firefights and the beautiful cinematography, my favorite thing about the movie was the fact that they added a whole new perspective to the war genre. It's easy to make a war film showing the sides of the Americans and how we're completely good and always right in a patriotic manner, but it's another thing to sympathize with people on the other side. With terrorist groups like the Taliban, their reign of terror is so large that it creates this one central image in the eyes of the public, only fueling racism and hate even more. However, this film showed that most people living on that side of the world want nothing to do with these terrorists and will fight against them. That was showed in this movie and it's so amazing to see that. It shows you that the terrorists are one small part of a large nation and that there are many great people over there. It's proof as to why people shouldn't discriminate or hate against other races.In the end, I truly loved this movie and it becomes a better experience each time I watch it. I recommend this movie to any war fans and I promise that you'll love it.

Nal T (ru) wrote: it is really good film.i liked it very much.ajay is so cute.after film ,i think,ajay must have hated ice cream.during the film he ate ice cream

Justin M (fr) wrote: Well, this is more or less terrible as far as films go. It serves as a staunch reminder that other countries make shitty films too. As with other shitty foreign films, however, the best part of this movie were the subtitles, which conveyed the film's asinine plot in appropirate broken english, replete with incorrect wording and omitted prepositions. Sadly, that gets old after five minutes or so. The movie, also, is more than five minutes long. Yeah, that's a big problem there.

Jon W (ru) wrote: I appreciate the "tone" of this film. The way it slowly builds towards what could be a terrifying event. The innocence of a character who yet, is still strongly committed to carrying out a horrific act. Unfortunately, the pace was a bit too slow, and I almost lost interest. I guess it was more of a good experiment in storytelling and than a watchable gripping film.

Universal W (au) wrote: [font=Times New Roman][size=4]I was given a screener's copy of the movie "Issues" by a friend who works for a Los Angeles newspaper. I'm a big fan of independent films and up and coming film-makers. [/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=4][/size][/font]

Obbie X (de) wrote: En el mismo rango que las anteriores...

Kelly K (ru) wrote: This movie was an epic disappointment. Honestly, I didn't know what was going on half the time. It was silly, overly "dramatic" and even a little boring. I wouldn't see it twice.

melanie t (es) wrote: ...and i thought i was obsessed. yeesh.a few good quotes came from this viewing but not much more; just mediocre.

bob j (es) wrote: a movie trying to hard to be Annie Hall that it ends up just as bland as everything else.

Janel J (es) wrote: Really fucked up movie. Which is why I like it. :)

Scott A (us) wrote: Okay, I saw this under the title of SUMMER FLING...and honestly, neither title make any sense. Yeah, it takes place over a summer, but there is no fling and I have no idea what the Last of the High Kings means either.And mild spoiler here, despite being on the cover of both versions, and totally miss-spelled on this one, Christina Ricci is barely in this film. She doesn't show up until a good half hour into the film, and she leaves maybe 15 minutes later.Leto is okay, but his accent is crazy sounding on him. And O'Hara just plays an over the top crack pot.For your sexy part, you get best friends Emily Mortimer and Lorraine Pilkington, both of which who Leto pines for. Not really clear on what if anything happens between them all sadly.I don't know, the film just isn't very fun to watch. Leto is counting down the weeks until he gets his test results to see if he can go on to college or not. He seems to totally ignore Ricci throwing herself at him, and he really only has a fling for like two minutes of the summer.Just not a very interesting film, despite a good cast.

Dr J (ru) wrote: The road movie, Motorama, scripted by Joseph Minion (After Hours), is a symbolic journey through life. Our guide (and symbolic substitute) is ten-year-old Gus, played with assured competence by Jordan Christopher Michael. Gus escapes his ugly home life by stealing his dad's candy apple red Mustang and hits the road. When he comes to a filling station we become aware of the strange and dream-like quality of the movie. A large sign above the gas station exclaims, "Be Ful-filled" and its attendant is Phil. Phil is flying a kite (tied off to a ceramic deer) while waiting to fill up cars that pull in. On the kite Phil has taped a photograph of him shaking hands with the local law officer and explains that he wants Him to see it up there, but fears that his kite string isn't long enough to get Him to see it. It becomes evident that he is referring to God and that this movie isn't like many others. It also becomes evident that this will be an allegorical movie and being such, requires a reading as one interprets their dreams. After learning about an old game called Motorama and that the grand prize is 500 million dollars, Gus desires to play and collect all of the Motorama cards. But when the law officer drives up to the station, Gus takes advantage of the distraction and steals a box of Motorama cards. This sends him on a symbolic road to hell and much of the rest of the film shows various stages and hellish encounters which test him in classical mythic tradition. We see the law officer as the Law and the cards compulsively collected as Desire, once eagerly sought after, become negligible once familiar. There are many great cameo appearances by cult actors and actresses that film buffs will appreciate. The tone of Motorama bounces between dark, serious and whimsical camp (Jack Nance has an amusing part), but this is not a kid's movie. It grows episodic as Gus drives from filling station to filling station and meets various characters, but if you're interested in movies that aren't restricted by the usual Hollywood representation of 'reality' then you will enjoy the ride. We don't ask our dreams to be realistic, yet some reviewers of this film apparently assume that movies act real. For me, it's right up my alley. In the end we return to the point where Gus had a choice to make and his choice to become fulfilled.

Simon W (jp) wrote: don the dragon wilson good martial arts actor

Brody M (kr) wrote: Very good movie.Dan Akroyd was hilarious

Bryon M (au) wrote: Lean and mean. Of the 80's action stars Segal was interested in story and this one has more then enough. Maybe a little much. The action is good when it comes. All in all a very good start to an action star.

Anthony B (nl) wrote: Really good action film. The Movie is only 81 minutes and alot of action is crammed into that. James Remar is the man.

David B (mx) wrote: A very quiet, somewhat dated film. True, it's a very detailed character study w/ fine performances, but it's just inert. And Rachel's fantasy episodes are more intrusive, than enlightening. Unless you're really interested in Paul Newman's directorial debut, skip it.