Internet Dating

Internet Dating

Starring Lil Romeo, Clifton Powell, and Katt Williams and directed by Master P, this feature follows a lovelorn man who advertises himself as a seven-foot-tall L.A. Lakers basketball star in his online personals ad.

Starring Lil Romeo, Clifton Powell, and Katt Williams and directed by Master P, this feature follows a lovelorn man who advertises himself as a seven-foot-tall L.A. Lakers basketball star in his online personals ad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark M (au) wrote: Contains what must be the most awkward, unpassionate sex scene tween two young people in the history of cinema.

J Christopher M (jp) wrote: Douglas almost never disappoints. I can see not a lot of people will find this movie that great but I thought it was great.

Noah L (br) wrote: Not half bad for a direct to DVD horror flick. Had me thinking of Splinter or The Thing, just not as good of a film but it'd be fun on a Friday night with some beers to laugh at it's both intentional and unintentional funny moments.

Joel C (us) wrote: A typically tremendous performance from the late, great, genius, Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman teases the audience repeatedly with his subtle gestures. His calm demeanour and righteous nature conceal something hideous and you only see his proverbial mask slip briefly on occasion, to reveal the suspected duplicitous character. However, so measured is his performance that even then you find yourself still questioning what is somewhat undeniable. Extremely sensitive subject matter handled so delicately but with serious purpose, solid direction and ably supported by legendary Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

Gene A (ca) wrote: fantastic movie. by far Brendan Fraser's best movie

David M (us) wrote: Pleasant enough to watch with some nice performances, but overall a bit mushy and toothless. Loach's ending is typical for him, but nice nonetheless.

nixon k (kr) wrote: This is a terrible movie even for a b-grade straight to dvd film. The Dracula is even more cliche then the one in Bram Stokers Dracula. Also to top this movie of Ice T is in it..............

Mike C (de) wrote: Not a particularly incredibly made picture but its juvenile humor satisfied my appetite for laughter. One of my favorite buddy hangout comedies to thrown on during a party next to Happy Gilmore and Grandma's Boy.

Sunil J (it) wrote: I watched this because it was featured in the Celluloid Closet and it was pretty interesting and edgy for a Frank Sinatra movie. It kinda veers into a weird fantasy world towards the end but it was worth watching.

Leon B (us) wrote: Review:I wasted so much time watching this film because I kept on falling asleep and I found the storyline quite silly. Its about a music critic whose hunting for an artist whose been missing for ages. The artist is also her ex boyfriend so the journey is also about closure because everyone things that he died in a car accident. A video of the artist performing on stage was put on the social media, so a rumour starts going around that the man is still alive. She then shows the video to her boss who wants a big story for his magazine so he funds her journey to find this well known artist. There are other aspects to the story, like when she falls in love with a busker and her new found rich friend who helps fund the journey after she loses her funds, but it really doesn't help this dull movie which really wasn't that funny. I honestly found the main character, whose played by Toni Collette, quite annoying and I really didn't have that much sympathy for her. She just seemed to float around, sleeping with men whilst barking orders at her new found friend, whose played by Thomas Haden Church and was the best thing in the film. I also couldn't get the whole point of the film because there really isn't an outcome. It just seems to end abruptly without much explanation or moral to the storyline. Anyway, the performances wasn't bad but the storyline was weak and a drag to watch. Disappointing!Round-Up:I'm usually a fan of Toni Collette's work but this has to go down as a bad day at the office. She has progressed so much since the popular Muriel's Wedding and she has put it great performances in movies like the Sixth Sense and Little Miss Sunshine but she hasn't really been on the big screen that much lately. In this movie I didn't really like her character that much but that's due to the script, which was pretty poor. There are some other goods performances from Oliver Platt and Thomas Haden Church but they really got wasted in this attempt of a roadie comedy.I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedy/dramas about a music critic who hunts for a famous missing musician, whose also her ex boyfriend, for a story to print in a magazine. 3/10