A man is horribly tortured by another who wants him to reveal where his girlfriend is hiding.

Tonia goes out drinking. She wakes up in prison, not having a clue why she's there. She is tortured to encourage her to confess to a crime she is not aware of. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Interrogation torrent reviews

Bryce F (nl) wrote: While the costuming seems a little goofy and there's many moments where I just went "What?", Ace Attorney is a surprisingly good video game adaptation with an intriguing story and some genuinely funny moments.

Tracy W (au) wrote: There's half a good movie here. The first half which is a social commentary on the Chinese condition, most notably illegal immigrants who sneak into japan to find a better life. It starts off strong, Jackie Chan's character isn't given much background or much depth, however this works fine; he is just a face of an immigrant; hundreds come everyday. In the film the Japanese aren't the problem, it's the petty differences between the different Chinese themselves, they steal from each other, kill each other etc. Suddenly at the midpoint of the film it turns into a gangster film in the way of any generic movie you can find in the genre. Any credibility it had before was completely destroyed. It's gets dumb and then it goes from dumb to stupid to insulting. Every gangster cliche is here: Back stabbings, double crossings, self sacrifices, heroic deaths, more double crossings, final showdowns, more deaths, take downs etc etc. it's quite headache inducing to see a film start so strong end with such a whimper. It's good to see Jackie Chan trying to get away from comedic roles, and perhaps theres a film out there I haven't seen that can showcase his talents. This isn't one of them. Fuck this movie.

Angelina C (es) wrote: Neat and funny. And I like how the leading character is not goodlooking. Very Kudokan. Love the musical elements.

Amanda C (br) wrote: An interesting story with a caribeean twist

Olivier B (nl) wrote: Drle et sympa. Lger. Pour 4$ le DVD, c'est pas un mauvais achat, c'est rigolo et innovateur. Quelques moments croustillants. On ne voit pas de longueurs ni le temps passer. Pour cette raison, a mrite une note de 3/5, ce qui est bien.

James K (ru) wrote: Good drama, believable

Martin D (fr) wrote: Was a favorite of mine for years. Great editing, great pacing, great movie.

Naresh M (ca) wrote: An all time classic of varied emotions from Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: A rollicking and razor-sharp satire. Its commentary on society and the role of the media in it is years ahead of its time, while never taking itself too seriously. And it(TM)s stepped in 60s Italian cool, aided by charismatic performances from Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress, and a weird peppy score by Piero Piccioni. A cult classic that deserves to be better known.