A night in the life of three Memphis cab drivers and their strange passengers.

A night in the life of three Memphis cab drivers and their strange passengers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne M (nl) wrote: Fascinating, but ultimately frustrating. That's my best summation. This powerful tale of regret and past sins is beautifully shot and feels great. Ewen Leslie is superb as Isaac, an Australian photographer, who visits his Greece, his father's land to spread his ashes and discover his family's history. He finds more then he bargained for however. There are many great scenes, but I felt the story could have been fleshed out and developed more to make it more satisfying then it ultimately was.

Loreno S (mx) wrote: bom ver personalidades brasileiras terem suas histrias contadas. Essa ai (C) muito boa!!!!

Tim M (gb) wrote: "An exhilarating, thrilling and thoroughly suspenseful action thriller." Beautiful direction, pace and plot. Roden is the perfect villain.

Niall D (kr) wrote: Terrible old school remake - 1.5 for each joke that was funny.

Ross M (nl) wrote: Entertaining enough, but lacking any real substance, Deep Horizon falls closer to the guilty pleasure category. The film wears its influences on its sleeves invoking Alien and 2001 before devolving into a strange Hellraiser fanfic. At the least, the actors are putting in fully committed performances, and the visuals are still pretty decent considering the film is 20 years old. 3 1/2 stars

Charlie M (it) wrote: A man goes to work for a notorious gangster to pay off his mom's medical bills in this amusing black comedy. It's not for all tastes, but it does entertain.

Joe B (it) wrote: Great Film. One of the movies we watched in my college cinematography class.

Brian S (mx) wrote: Will always go down as one of the best war movies I've ever seen. N not hey just don't make them like this very much anymore

Josh M (au) wrote: Revelations is a baby step in the right direction for Hellraiser. The detail and gore stays true to its roots. However, it is upsetting to see Doug Bradley replaced as Pinhead.

Colin Z (ag) wrote: Wow. Right up there with the best.

Blue F (fr) wrote: Liked it! Very gorgeous animation, with attention and research into animating the birds! Made the story more believable.