A Montreal DJ, following his girlfriend to Los Angeles, falls into a deadly relationship with a couple of female hitch-hikers.

A Montreal DJ, following his girlfriend to Los Angeles, falls into a deadly relationship with a couple of female hitchhikers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve M (br) wrote: Hidden gem. Very funny.

Reese J (de) wrote: Too long, too busy, too boring. Emmerich still knows how to make impressive explosions and destruction though.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: The story is about Lord Kagan wants his half-human, half vampire daughter to become a full-fledged vampiress, but Rayne denounces her father's legacy and instead joins up with a trio of vampire hunters. Based on the popular video game. This movie is just unspeakably Bad.

Sasha S (us) wrote: Fantastic. Funny, sad, moving, scary,sweet and thought-provoking dance through a women's mind, French to the core. There's a smart, stylish twist at every turn.But beware: you will probably either love or hate it.

John M (es) wrote: It's good to be bad. In the 1930's, Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway) and Clyde Barrow (Warren Beatty) teamed up, formed a gang and robbed banks across America. This is the glamorized telling of the true story. A lot of what makes this work as well as it does is the glorification of it all; it isn't really all that compelling of a story when you break it down, but when you have Beatty bringing the cool confidence and Dunaway flaunting sex appeal, it suddenly becomes accessible. They make stealing cars and robbing banks seem appealing and like a blast, until that time arrives when it becomes overwhelming. These are fully rounded characters that have a lot brewing underneath the surface, Bonnie especially; it is very interesting to see the way she reacts to the celebrity of it all, as it is such a drastic change of lifestyles. They also share a great back and forth together, so when they first meet at the beginning of the story, you fully buy that they are hitting it off. This may be more violent than you remember, and all of the gunplay leads to a very disturbing finale. This is gritty, irresistible, and every note in between.

Arthur C (fr) wrote: Watch it - it's pretty groovy

Alexandra G (fr) wrote: 5 stars aside from visual editing (180 line broken, etc)