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Abigail S (ru) wrote: Better if you read it two ways.

Grant H (ru) wrote: Ok movie. The plot is very intriguing and a great setup, but it's squandered on a jumbled tone, not enough funny gags, and too much sentimentality. The performances are pretty good, though, Vaughn and Smulders being two of the highlights.

John T (ru) wrote: Not that good, not that bad just a very long Twilight Zone Episode

Simon S (br) wrote: An incoherent plot and uneven laughs make Hollywood Homicide a mediocre buddy cop comedy that not even the presence of Harrison Ford can save.

Alden S (mx) wrote: Not the best. There could be the worst.

Anthony H (ru) wrote: Loved this movie back in the day as a kid. Checked it out on DVD a few years ago and it brought back some fond memories, but a few scenes I remember from the T.V. cut were missing. I'm surprised they didn't include these scenes in the extras. maybe down the road on a blu-ray special edition release.Totally a B flick to cash in on "JAWS", but one of the few better ones.

Trent R (kr) wrote: Great post-war thriller with effective twists and humor that plays on each of the primary players supposed national character with a kind of amusingly jovial racism. This incorporates amazing historic footage with voice-over narration that is not tiresome for a change. Tourneur makes incredible use of the setting, as the rival nationalities are forced to collaborate as they reticently plunge into an underworld search for the greater good. The bombed out brewery cellar shootout makes great use of high contrast lighting. The killer uses his muzzle flash to illuminate Ryan as he dodges about the shadowy walls of an abandoned brew tank, aiming on every second shot. The ending also utilizes reflection and depth of field to great effect, but the less said the better.

Jenn T (ag) wrote: Nothing special. Well acted.

Aaron G (ag) wrote: One of Kubrick's best.

Daniel F (ca) wrote: A measured and tasteful take on a cultural institution, Selma delivers the drama and inspiration that make MLK's fight one of the most enduring American stories. I feel more sympathetic with the civil-rights movement after watching this film, so, mission accomplished. Every actor turned in a top-notch performance and production quality was second to none. I would watch this again.

Henrysmovieguide C (ag) wrote: This is one of those movies I liked as a kid but I would not want to see again now. It is stupid compared to the first movie.

Robbie T (ca) wrote: Watch it finally after it was released 36 years. Very impressive, didn't find it a bit outdated.