Interview with the Assassin

Interview with the Assassin

Out of work TV cameraman Ron Kobelski is approached by his formerly reclusive neighbor Walter Ohlinger. Ohlinger claims that he was the mysterious "second gunman" that shot and killed President Kennedy. Ohlinger has kept quiet all these years, but has decided to tell his story now that he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Kobelski is skeptical of his neighbor's story, after his investigations provide ambiguous answers. His attitude changes, however, after he receives threatening messages on his answering machine, and spots shadowy figures in his backyard. Is Ohlinger telling the truth? Or is there a bigger conspiracy at work?

Almost forty years after the John F. Kennedy assassination, an ex-Marine named Walter Ohlinger has come forward with a startling claim. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Super K (es) wrote: The oddness of this movie is what makes it watchable.

Nick G (ag) wrote: Not particularly likeable characters although I eventually warmed to Juani by the end. Exciting use of visuals by Luna, and fantastic soundtrack.

Trevor F (ag) wrote: just bad film making and a waste of everyone's time.

Kyle O (ru) wrote: im always interested in old people getting run over by things

Jonathan B (jp) wrote: I had no idea about the riots that occurred in New York during the height of the American Civil War until I saw this violent and brilliant movie. A stellar cast headed by Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio show how violent gangs wielded power in a corrupt and effectively lawless period of the life of the growing city. The scale of the film is impressive with hugely complex, sprawling sets giving a real flavour to the early days of the Big Apple. Martin Scorsese certainly knows how to craft a blockbuster that is both visually impressive and well plotted. There are several twists in the plot that I just didn't see coming at all and despite being nearly 3 hours long, I was hooked from the start.

Daniel P (it) wrote: The recent issue of SFX solved the question I had long asked: "what was that movie with the stop motion effect of all the reels of film appearing and disappearing?" It's this! Nostalgia for when I was 8 and trying to find something new and interesting to watch in my local rental store. Must try and track this down.

James T (us) wrote: an interesting retelling of a great story

Michael B (ru) wrote: Classic Disney movie about the Revolutionary War. What is interesting is that the British aren't show as total jerks, and the Americans are not total greats.

angelina r (kr) wrote: Rubbish movie. I was hoping to see some valid arguments but left so disappointed. When that stupid kid is talking about how the universe started he implies that the big bang was how god created it but..."The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light." How was there water if the universe wasn't yet created? Come on people the arguments were rubbish and everyone in that classroom should have called him our for it. Its kinda sad how this biased movie was the definition of Christian stupidity. I expected better. Also, why make not only the atheists the villain but also the Muslims? Most Christain and Muslims believe that its the same one...

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Maximiliano D (ag) wrote: I saw the new horror film The Conjuring today, and I absolutely loved it. This movie was definitely scary & chilling. The movie was based on a true story of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who were helping the Perron family who experienced paranormal happenings at their Rhode Island home. What I liked about this picture was that I loved the whole retro-70's look of it from the cars to the clothes. Even the opening credits looked like a 70's film. Also, I liked the fact that the movie is an old school horror film which uses sound effects and darkness to scare audiences. I loved the cinematography of the movie. Also, I liked how the film was directed by James Wan. As for the acting, I thought it was wonderful, especially by Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren. I liked the fact that it wasn't only a horror film, but somewhat a love story between Ed & Lorraine Warren. This film started slowly but builds up to the great scares. This is probably one of the best films of the summer so far. It's the kind of film you want to see again. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and you will to.