Intimate Stranger

Intimate Stranger

A policeman (James Russo) guards a barroom singer (Deborah Harry) whose phone-sex sideline has put a killer (Tim Thomerson) on her trail.

A documentary about the director's maternal grandfather. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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fuk e (fr) wrote: this was a pretty bad king kong film

Alice S (ag) wrote: I think I was in my own transitional, break-up period when I first saw this movie about a stagnant couple that orchestrates an incremental break-up - spending less and less time with each other to cushion the emotional blow - so I really identified with the dragged out "break up that lasts longer than the relationship" heartbreak. Upon rewatch though, I found the movie lacking in establishing shots; there's no room to breathe between each quirky little on-day and off-day conflict. The emotions are still real, and the final break-up and goodbye scenes are still brutal and bittersweet, respectively. Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones have easy, soul-connected chemistry - smartly deriving this movie from a real-life experiment - but their fictional counterparts could have used more grounded reasons for getting together and breaking up. I wonder if they are still on-again-off-again now that Zoe has gotten more mainstream famous.

Jenn T (nl) wrote: Aside from revealing the bad guy too soon it was a great flick.

William D (ru) wrote: Jessica Biel could be the only reason to see this film and perhaps also Brittany Murphy.

william m (jp) wrote: Rob Schneider is... a dystopian future hacker Judge sidekick!

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Too long, Goes very slow in the middle, The story was ok but boring but there was a good battle scene at the beginning and near the end but apart from that it's pretty bland and not greatly acted, I'd stick to Troy.

Pavan R (it) wrote: Good story and comes together quite well. Good direction and performances. Have seen it copied into other languages too and that's a testament to the original.

Scott G (es) wrote: This looks good too!!

Byron B (jp) wrote: nominated for best picture at the golden globes

Dylan D (nl) wrote: A remake? Yeah, right.

Garrison C (us) wrote: If you get through the first twenty or so minutes, this movie becomes watchable as a background lazy day/night movie