Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers

Because she picked the wrong door, Anna ends up confessing her marriage problems to a financial adviser named William Faber. Touched by her distress, somewhat excited as well, Faber does not have the courage to tell her that he is not a psychiatrist. From appointment to appointment, a strange ritual is created between them. William is moved and fascinated to hear the secrets no man ever heard.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ballet,   dancer,   rape,  

A Frenchwoman tells her marital troubles to a man she mistakes for a psychiatrist, and soon they form an unusual relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesus S (gb) wrote: I knew this movie was going to be crap just by watching how horrible the previous movies were. I was okay with the first film of the franchise, but every film that came after was a competition to see which could fit in the most horrible acting, irritating direction, and unbelievable romance and conflict, with a script that seems to have been written by a second grade class. And the entire film was predictable, these two crews hate each other so they're going to battle in a crowded club and they also have the dance perfectly choreographed for that specific club like if they knew the battle was going to take place weeks in advance. Then they pull the "Who's this? Our..." clich (C), and of course they have to dance battle in order to prove their abilities. Then they pull the "Oh, our old friend wants to make a crew, okay let me just quit without telling my manager!" clich (C). After they walk into the studio at the same time without meeting the other teammates that seemed to have walked in seconds before them, they just shove minor conflict after minor conflict at us. Then it happened, they walked into the building that just gives keys to all their employees and find useless machines that shouldn't and wouldn't be in said building, and of course the turn them on and film a video in one take on their first time being there. Then we see the "Going to Vegas, let's stick our heads out and look at the pretty lights" clich (C) from every film ever made in Vegas. And when Moose started dancing on his own with a hot girl I turned and whispered to my friend, "How much do you want to bet that his girlfriend walks in at this very moment?" my friend's response was, "She can't, she's in LA and he's in Vegas." I won the bet, then I stopped watching when the guy was making out with the girl and discussing their "evil" plans in plain site. I assume that the "alphabet crew" and "The Mob" make up, beat "that other crew", get the money and dance untill the credits. I seriously don't know how the film ends because I had to throw up after seeing that abomination of a film. Someone please tell me if my predictions were correct.

Luke G (ca) wrote: The acting and the direction were very well done. There were a lot of fabrications in the film that did not take place in the actual trial. but they were only minor things.

Richard I (kr) wrote: Rock solid kids film with tons of gore and scares, a tremendous soundtrack and stuff for grown-ups too.

Karen S (ca) wrote: My fav of Bette Davies

Beatri P (br) wrote: I loved the film and creative thought

Stuart M (fr) wrote: Rather repetitive and unoriginal it manages to make its central conceit (that select people can read things to life) and makes it dull and cliched. The characters all get repeatedly captured and rescued as the film seems to struggle to develop any sort of a plot.

Robert H (kr) wrote: A low budget scifi western that does really well in the story, casting and enjoyment departments but falls flat from being a good film due to some really bad comedy.With a cast that includes George Takei, Meg Foster, Julie Newmar, Andrew Divoff and Isaac Hayes, you knew it would sport some fun performances even if it was filled with plenty of overacting and huge amounts of charicatures. I'll even give the humour a few good nods. Takei continuously makes Star Trek related jokes that are subtle enough to pass for regular dialogue to a general audience but Trek fans would pick it up right away. But with silly music cues, some slapstick, and even references to things which were only current at the time of the film (an entire Schlick joke completely doesn't make sense today) you just can't help but bring this film down a few stars in the ratings.

We c (kr) wrote: Probably not a well known film but one of my favourite British comedys ever. The chemistry between Coltrane and Idle is hilarious.

Jacob T (ru) wrote: This is better then the first 2 Superman movies. Superman IV the quest for peace is better, Man of steel is also better. Batman vs Superman dawn of the justice league is also better. See all the Superman movies. There arr great movies.

Joseph H (ag) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Alex M (de) wrote: Sometimes an artist's work is reviled in their life, but appreciated after their death. Sometimes an artist's work isn't discovered until AFTER their death. Such was the case with Vivian Maier, a nanny and amateur photographer whose thousands of photographs weren't discovered and displayed until after her death, leading her to now be called one of the greatest amateur photographers of all time, as showcased in one of this year's Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Feature.The film chronicles director John Maloof (who discovered Maier's work) and his attempts to get Vivian Maier the posthumous acclaim she deserves, as well as a reflection on who she was as a person by the various families she worked for throughout her life. Some have great memories of her, others not so much. But the look into this woman and the photographs she took, which involved everything from the children she looked after to homelessness, suggests a classic story of an artist who knew they had genuine talent, but wasn't ready to share it with the rest of the world. Fun fact: John Maloof's co-director on this film, Charlie Siskel, is the nephew o the late legendary film critic Gene Siskel. 8/10.

Joanna B (ag) wrote: From Sony Pictures Animation comes yet another outside the box children's comedy. In his directorial debut, TV animation veteran and three time Emmy winner, Genndy Tartakovsky assembles nearly every classic cinema monster under one roof for a visually zippy fart-joke loaded kid's romp. Bringing Peter Baynham and Robert Smigel's ghost of a script to life is the dramatically over-talented ensemble voice cast and a ghoulishly lively score by Mark Mothersbaugh. the original stunningly impressionistic concept art of gothic eastern-European towns - if kept for more than closing credits -could have resulted in something special but comes across as if it has had all its edges sanded down for children's safety resulting in another vivid yet crude 3D movie from the box office meat grinder. Desperate to escape the dangerous pitchfork-wielding persecution of humans who he considers responsible for killing his wife a century ago, the neurotic Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) designed and operates a purpose built elaborate monsters-only resort.Obscurely hidden from human angry-mobs, Hotel Transylvania is a safe haven, a refuge to a mottled assortment of supernatural oddballs. Ranging from honeymooning flees to the toilet-clogging Yeti; all who dwell within are protected.At the center of the melee is Dracula's headstrong daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez). To daddy's disgust and against all his efforts to create a fake and scary "outside world", the almost-of-age Mavis plans to leave home and curiously explore the world. In a cunning attempt to make her stay, Dracula throws a massive coming-out party in her honor. Poised to celebrate her 118th birthday, Dracula invites the whose-who of world's monsters to attend, but when an unexpected guest accidentally wanders into the hotel and catches Mavis eye more than the monsters anonymity is at risk. With the help of his friends, big-hearted Frankenstein (Kevin James), his brash wife, Eunice (Fran Drescher), anxious werewolf Wayne (Steve Buscemi), boisterous former entertainer Murray the Mummy (CeeLo Green), witty Invisible Man Griffin (David Spade) and head chef Quasimodo (Jon Lovitz), Dracula must find a way to evict the slacker human backpacker boy named Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg). Can the Count control his daughter and keep her under his wing? Or will the mere human discover who or what the hotels inhabitants are? And if he does will it help Mavis to leave the hotels sanctuary?To avoid copyright issues, the films creative team has concocted a number of wacky yet inspired new looks for its fashionable monster ilk. From a rodent-like Quasimodo, to a consistently blushing invisible man (yes there is irony here), each character has been inventively revamped in a particularly 'Monster high' fashion to capture the attention of children. That being said, from initial tour of the hotel lobby, the screen seems over-crowded with a mash-up of mismatched personalities and none of the clutter seems fully explored or generally relevant. The incessant flitting through the hotel's cavernous hallways seems more like a time waster than storyline. Poking fun at classic monster-movie clichs, the lines delivered in various unsteady accents lose wings on more than one occasion. But there are some key one-liners like when Sandler's Dracula dismisses human blood stating "It's so fatty, and you never know where it's been!")The Verdict: Much like the films resident werewolves and their unruly litter of rug rats, Hotel Transylvania can't quite seem to pull all of its rambunctious ideas into line. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 14/09/2012

Suanne M (ca) wrote: billed as a horrific revenge-driven slasher flick, this one really let me down. the choppiness of the cinematography, although adding to the creepiness/gore factor of the death scenes, did little to nothing to redeem this movie. the acting is atrocious to say the very least. there is one part {not to give anything major away}where after they find out who the killer is, the true backstory is revealed. as the storyteller begins getting upset at reliving what happened, the female lead gasps "OH MY!" what, did a geriatric black midget just slap his mini-me cock on her shoulder and say, "pull my finger?" he didn't {and sorry boys and girls...there is no geriatric black midget in this movie although i think that would've somewhat saved it}. the ending was very abrupt and, in my humble opinion {and take it as you will, though i've seen many a horror/slasher flick in my time}, plain STOO-PID. the credits rolled and i was pissed, though i don't think i'd be able to sit through much more of it had it lasted any longer.