Into the Deep

Into the Deep

An underwater exploration beneath kelp forests in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California. The film captures the birth of a shark, squids mating, a lobster molting, a fish protecting its nest from an octopus and a sea urchin, and the sea bed covered with brittle stars.

An underwater exploration beneath kelp forests in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California. The film captures the birth of a shark, squids mating, a lobster molting, a fish ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee V (nl) wrote: As much as I hate to admit that Tim Heidecker has any semblance of talent, this was actually a pretty decent movie.

Cody C (kr) wrote: Brilliant and terrifying. Great glimpse into a world I knew damn near nothing about.

alex g (us) wrote: A great feel good movie.Worth a watch especially if you like sport and romance.

Jerome B (it) wrote: Thought the story wasn't all that but the dancing was ok!

Farsheed F (fr) wrote: as feel good movies go, its ok

Todd S (es) wrote: 2009 US Director: Mike McKown and Jim Towns Score: 8 Shot on (as I understand it) an extremely low budget around industrial sites and an abandoned asylum (which has since been demolished) in Western Pennsylvania, this film does an excellent job of re-creating the silent era of moving picture entertainment. Shot between 2003 and 2005 on digital video, it captures the look of the classic silent era films amazingly. I have no doubt that some, maybe many, will shrug their shoulders at that and ask ?who cares?? That?s fine. I can only speak for myself. I thought this is an outstanding production that recreates the roots of cinema. This is a retelling of the Frankenstein story, and not a bad version of it. The effects, and I include those used to make this digital footage look like an old monochrome silent film, are very good, especially considering the budget this film had to work with. The acting is pretty good. I know this can be deceiving in a silent film, in fact that was one advantage actors had in the silent era. Even if they sucked at delivering their lines, who would know? It was up to us, the audience who reads the lines, to use our own heads to add the emotions and inflections into the lines. So for all I know these actors were a bunch of cheese meisters. In this film, they appeared to do just fine however. Since it is a silent film, the soundtrack was a key element. It has to really help convey the emotions and tensions of the scene. This one does a fairly good job at this. One bit of trivia I read on this film was that the woman who played the main character Esmerelda, Kelly I. Lynn, completely disappeared before the film was fully shot. Apparently to this day they have no idea where she went or if she is still alive. A body double was used for the few scenes she had left to be shot. Strange. Real horror genre fans should give this one a viewing since it is an excellent homage to the very roots of the genre. Anyone looking for ?something different? as far as movie viewing should it interesting as well. Notes: HV-N Suggested Age: 16+

Karen M (de) wrote: wonderful characters.. and great story linewell done!

Shuo L (au) wrote: so traditional ,loved it

Jerico T (kr) wrote: I would have to say this is one of the most beautiful and artful adulteries I have ever seen.

Gina W (ru) wrote: This is not a happy movie but it is very good with great performances by Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, and Benicio del Toro.

Josh B (es) wrote: unsettling from start to finish

Dominic P (es) wrote: At a brisk 80 minutes this grotesque black comedy from New Zealand does not out stay it's welcome. Wearing it's influences (think early Peter Jackson, whose Weta workshop worked their SFX magic here) as proudly as the wolf wore the sheep's clothing this tale of genetic engineering gone wrong (zombie sheep!) is equal parts comedy and gory horror. Sure to please genre fans and newcomers alike, you wont be feeling sheepish or baaad (!) if you pass the time with this.

Tasos L (mx) wrote: A very good dramatic thriller.

Andrew B (nl) wrote: Is it hopelessly mean-spirited, nihilistic, pessimistic, defeatist and indulgent? Possibly. Is it one of Woody Allen's most heartfelt and artistically rich films in a catalogue full of triumphs? God yes.


Sherry L (mx) wrote: Rather silly and whimsy but still charming french comedy (very typical for it's time) with Brigitte Bardot playing an innocent looking girl, Agns Dumont, with a not so innocent mind, who is under a fictional name publishing a "dirty" novel which has caused a minor riot in Paris. Her father who is a very respectable general, gets suspicious and threatens to send his daughter to a strict convent, so Agns decides to escape to the city to her older brothers place. Her older brother, who is the black sheep of the family, who initially moved to Paris to work as an artist (without his father's conscent) has written to his family and told them that he nowadays is a rich and famous artist, (though he actually is working as a guide in the Balzac Museum). Young and nave, Agns walks goes to her brother's adress (which is actually the old apartment where the writer Honor De Balzac lived, and nowadays is the Balzac Museum). Don't ask me how she could be so clumsy, but she however takes one original book written by Balzac, worth a fortune, believing it was a worthless book owned by her brother, and sells it to a pawn shop nearby. Later, she learns her mistake, and in order to saving her brother from getting fired, she must compete in a strip tease contest, to win money to buy the book back. Though her mind may be a bit dirty, Agns is still a bit too timide to expose her body before an audience. So she does the strip tease, masked, with a fake identity. Her strip tease performance however makes huge success, and she gets attentions from several magazines who want to interview her. Among them, her reporter boyfriend, Daniel. Though, to Agns, Daniel seems to be a little bit too interested in the mysterious stripper (who he isn't aware of is Agns). A bit silly and whimsy like I mentioned. If you're expecting to see Brigitte Bardot making any revealing scenes, you'll be disappointed. If you're expecting a hilarious, sexy, french romantic comedy, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed as well. Nevertheless it's entertaining as a "document of it's time". And of course, it's for any Bardot-fan!

Colin L (ru) wrote: Less of a film and more as a bonus feature on The Three Caballeros, it is fun to watch the animation process of Disney back in the day. Though while it is culturally engaging, it is too short to receive much fun out of it, despite the animation being Disney. Though in this case, the animation is sub-par.

TheSecond P (nl) wrote: the movie puts in perspective the pharmaceutical business which is cool, and Katherine Heigl is so hot it should be illegal

Wayne R (gb) wrote: Not a movie one wants to watch more than once. That being said, Martyrs is one of the best horror films ever made.