Into the Lion's Den

Into the Lion's Den

As the three out-of-towners toast the end of their journey, someone at the bar is watching them and setting a deadly trap. Now, as closing time draws near, a night of unspeakable horrors is about to begin. Jesse Archer (Violet Tendencies, Going Down in LA-LA Land) and Ronnie Kroell (Eating Out: Drama Camp, Bravo's Make Me a Super Model) headline in this bold, uncompromising thriller that plunges into the depths of human depravity. With its unpredictable plotline and raw performances, Into the Lion's Den is a twisted nightmare that viewers won't soon forget.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   torture,   hotel,  

When three gay men on a cross-country road trip enter a redneck bar, the culture clash has deadly results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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SH Y (de) wrote: this shit was garbage

Nicki M (br) wrote: Decent considering the amount of time past. It got an extra half star for the air hostess scene. Rebel is often grating, but she nailed that small role. I literally laughed out loud. I would like to watch this again before reviewing properly as I watched on a plane with bad sound and picture quality and I think I probably missed a few things.

Vardhan A (fr) wrote: Songs were good, so was the drama, but the ending was not good at all, it was bullshit (I mean no dad can do that!) and in India you won't find schools like this, so Mr. Johar, it wasn't convincing!

Chris S (es) wrote: The best word to describe this movie? Charming.

Greg W (nl) wrote: a weird mix of genres but it works here i liked this one.

SeeLaa C (de) wrote: Kinda slow. Plot was ok. Good to see Russel Wong.

Orlok W (es) wrote: An entertaining mixture of mystery, comedy and musical--Outstanding work by Mantan!!

Francisco G (mx) wrote: A fantastic debut for Jeff Nichols, Shotgun Stories is a deep atmospheric family thriller, approaching the cause/effect concept through very personal routes, aided by a brilliant lead performance by Michael Shannon. Try not to know anything from the story when first viewing it, it will just have a whole different impact, I can assure you. A very promising start to an already very good career for the director.

Jeff H (it) wrote: I stumbled upon this one (not whilst looking for porn, I swear), and actually really liked it. Really captures the heartache and struggle of a couple of people who are suffering from demons and mental breakdowns.

Steve H (mx) wrote: WARRIORS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH is a good movie. It deserves a higher rating. And it's not just battles and swordfights.....great photography and story as well as surprise elements. This has a unique feel to the picture, which is what i love about asian film making. These countries are great at telling solider Frozen Flower, Musa the Warrior....I'll be looking for more.' The Warrior' being the best of these films.

Daniel G (au) wrote: Definitely not a big fan of this movie, and am starting to realize Ribisi isn't one of my favorites. Barely gets that last half star because... well, I guess it had its moments.

Brendan N (jp) wrote: Really great movie with a lot of great storytelling and character. So many up and coming talent and Hanks really shows a skill for directing and screenwriting. I didn't expect to like this film so much and I can't express how much I liked this film, something with heart doesn't come along that often.

Paul B (fr) wrote: Paper Moon is a charming con flick with a great script displaying excellent chemistry between its two leads, Ryan O'Neale and his very own daughter Tatum O'Neale. Their escapades and their banter carry this somewhat directionless picture through with light hearted antics and laughs.

Calvin C (gb) wrote: My least favorite in the Thin Man series. This is the fourth film for Nick and Nora and it looks like the plot is just going through the motions. We already know that Nick will eventually gather all the suspects in a room and explain how he figured it out. If it wasn't for William Powell and Myrna Loy, I would have given this film a lower rating.Grade: B-

Luc L (es) wrote: A good romance drama film.

Jay K R (de) wrote: I might not know what's going on half the time but holy moly this was great. Welles is great at manipulating your expectations and his subject matter is engrossing. Feels ahead of its time in the editing as well.

Ron C (fr) wrote: Absolutely bizarre yet compelling and viciously funny.