Into the Valley of Death

Into the Valley of Death


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:62 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:making of,  

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Into the Valley of Death torrent reviews

Sterling F (nl) wrote: This movie suprised me. I just thought it woukd be some other generic Oz movie, but it was really good. The visuals were beautiful to look at, and the characters look the way you think they would if they were young men and women. One drawback for me was Mila Khunis as the Wicked Witch, which was not a good choice. When I see her, I don't think of her as the Wicked Witch of the West. Other than that, if you can tolerate it, you'll enjoy it as much as the first Wizard of Oz.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: As much as I love silly, over-the-top Japanese action movies, I just couldn't sit through this one. Maybe if I had some friends over to make fun of it with me, I could of. But for now I think I'll just pass...

Aaron G (kr) wrote: Michael Bay's second-best movie.

Martyn M (au) wrote: Based on a true story. A thriller that follows the hunt for a kidnapped girl, Anne Slutti, who although forced to hide out in the wilderness of northern USA leaves clues as to their whereabouts for the police to track them down. Whilst the hunt is on the reality of being held captive, for what ever purpose the captor wants, and the punishment for not doing so, are harrowingly made clear. Frighteningly real in some places. The relationship between captor and captive is well delivered. The film does have a made for TV look about it and as such some of the horrific detail is toned down.

Michael S (kr) wrote: A drama that debates the use of torture when interrogating a known terrorist. The impressive cast does its best, but it remains uninvolving for the most part. The ending, though, is a mess. (Side note: Michael Sheen looks like Curtis "Booger" Armstrong in this film.)

Nicolas E (us) wrote: a lovely movie. I just love Audrey Tautou

Nun R (es) wrote: 1. MEANT TO BE2. SO IN LOVE 3. FINDING LOVETop Greatest Silent Films.find it! find your love life!

Jennifer M (gb) wrote: Zozo lost his family during war in Lebanon 1987. He migrated to Sweden to join his grandparents.

Jacob B (de) wrote: It may not be able to be on par with the original and the fact that its humour is mostly gross-out will put off some viewers, Scary Movie 2's relatively interesting parodic premise, a good performance from Anna Faris and the rest of the cast and plenty of belly laughs will serve as more than enough to keep fans of this film's spoof-of-a-satire predecessor entertained for about 80 minutes.

Lu A (es) wrote: beautiful film...another great brit movie...with some of the best actors from across the pond. Poignant acting by Bob Hoskins who can really play anything he wants and be great. And just a wonderfully sweet story about true friends and unconditional love.

Evanna M (ca) wrote: it's an OK good movie if you like sci-fi.

Michael T (it) wrote: Fast-moving, breezy Fox Technicolor musical.

tony h (mx) wrote: Well thats a couple of hours i wont get back! Terrible, just terrible. Save your eyes and dont watch it.

Felipe F (es) wrote: Edward Scissorhands is a sweet, beautiful modern fairy tale with fabulous gothic set pieces and a touching story that introduced the Burton/Depp duo.

Kingsley U (au) wrote: "You don't want the money?"

Janae D (it) wrote: By far my favorite Star Trek movie. This is the perfect mix of campy and funny while keeping the tradition of social commentary. This has become my go to sick day movie.

Steve W (br) wrote: This low budget flick took my by surprise. It manages to do a lot with a little and it works. Its quirky, charming, original and very different. Go in with an open mind and you might just like it.

katharine h (it) wrote: i love this movie emily lloyd did not fail at being funny and making me laugh all the actors and the actress deserve to be re reconised for this ever so fuuny movie

Stephen F (ca) wrote: This movie is an articulate and amusing reminder of the talents of the two leads and how the right images and language can move us and give us pleasure.