Into the West

Into the West

Accused of a crime they didn't commit, two city kids and a magical horse are about to become the coolest outlaws ever to ride Into The West.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   escape,   snow,  

Grandpa Ward gives a horse he found to his grandchildren, who keep it in their tower-block flat in Dublin. The horse is stolen from them, and the two young boys set out to find it and flee on it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron J (au) wrote: As many westerns as John Wayne has been involved in, at this point, he just quits and goes for a film that is simply titled "The Cowboys". I don't know if I'm more amused by the sheer genericism of this film's title, or the fact that it must not be that generic, seeing as how the only thing that took that title since this film was its TV series spin-off. I'd say that it's a testament to the success of this film that it inspired an ABC program, but the TV spin-off to "How the West Was Won" didn't have but 25 forgotten episodes, and it was still way more successful than this film's spin-off. A good film doesn't necessarily make for a good television, yet that didn't stop Mark Rydell from going on to turn to TV after this film, at least for success. I don't even know if this film is that much more successful than Rydell's other filmmaking endeavors, because it barely exceeded its budget upon release, which is shocking, considering that it stars such mega-stars as John Wayne... Roscoe Lee Browne, Colleen Dewhurst, Stephen Hudis, A Martiniez and - oh - Bruce Dern... before he was famous (Man, Bruce Dern is old). Okay, maybe this film doesn't have quite the respectable ensemble cast of something like "How the West Was Won", because it even predated the moderate success that Robert Carradine saw in, well, of all things, "Revenge of the Nerds". I never could have imagined seeing John Wayne kick some butt alongside a nerd, yet here it is, and, you know, jokes aside, it does indeed make for a better film than it does a TV show, apparently, despite its flaws. The film seems to try and freshening things up in a lot of ways, and is often successful, but when it's not, it dives pretty deeply into formula, if not predictability, and a little too superficially at times. The drama is an often sentimental, if not melodramatic study on boys being guided into adulthood by an old man who grows increasingly more aware of his youth and mortality, and when it's not that, and more inconsequential, it tries to compensate for a lack of dramatic edge with other forms of edge. There is some risky dialogue and content for a film of this time and nature, and this inconsistency in maturity reflects an ambition to make this thing a little edgier, or at least more genuine than the usual Hollywood affair, ultimately held back by the Hollywood safety, though not as much as it is held back by natural shortcomings to the story itself. This film has some rich dramatic highlights as a human study on coming of age and growing old, between which is compensation through a sense of adventure, though not much beyond that, thus, the final product holds a potential to be dramatically underwhelming. It at least feels that way, as the highlights in question are spread out relatively few and far between by meandering filler that play an instrumental role in getting this film to a runtime of about 132 minutes so unreasonable that, as predictable as the narrative is in certain areas, it becomes difficult to tell where exactly things are heading. When you get down to it, as much as you don't want this fun film to end any time soon, you can't help but wondering if it's actually going anywhere with all of its dragging and uneven sense of consequence, both of which could drive a lesser film into underwhelmingness. As things stand, however, inspiration goes a long way in making a rewarding drama that showcases the rise of men, and even the rise of a music legend. Still up-and-coming at this time, John Williams showcases exciting samples of the conventional, but still grand scoring sweep that is now iconic, mixed in with classic western sensibilities, in order to capture a sense of adventure, like production value which is minimalist and conventional for a western, but razor-sharp in selecting distinguished locations. Production value and even musical value, like I said, establish a sense of adventure, and it is anchored by lively directorial storytelling by Mark Rydell that keeps up tight momentum throughout the flick, occasionally broken by some tastefully somber moments that range from intriguing to moving, if not downright powerful. The film is a fun one, with heart, and such thorough, well-crafted entertainment value makes up for a lot of shortcomings to a story whose interpretation still wouldn't be so compelling if it wasn't promising as an idea. For all the natural shortcomings and, for that matter, conventions, the narrative is conceptually refreshing, as well as adventurous and tender enough to hold a solid deal of potential that is done justice by the storytelling. Even Irving Ravetch's and Harriet Frank, Jr.'s script has enough witty color to its dialogue and set pieces to endear, and yet, it's true achievement is often genuine characterization that draws memorable, sympathetic leads. These leads are, of course, made all the more memorable by memorable portrayal found across the board, from the charming John Wayne and Roscoe Lee Brown, - as well as a chillingly antagonistic Bruce Dern - to the surprisingly solid cast of young talents, all of whom make the charm all the more electric with a chemistry that defines the comradery which in turn defines this coming-of-age affair. I've said it before, and once again I'll boast that this is a purely fun film, but not simple, because even though it has its minimalisms, more than that, it has heart, and enough of it in storytelling execution and acting to make a thoroughly enjoyable western. When it comes time to ride out, conventions, sentimentality, an aimless structure, and ambition threaten the film, but more-or-less barely, as the sweeping score, immersive production value, colorful storytelling and charismatic performances and chemistry, all behind an adventurous, when not tasteful story, that make Mark Rydell's "The Cowboys" a delightful and often piercingly emotional portrait on the trials and tragedies on the path to adulthood in the Old West. 3/5 - Good

Alex S (ag) wrote: A harrowing, unique, and fascinating documentary, The Missing Picture attempts to add even more art to the traditional documentary style and succeeds with flying colors.

Carlos Felipe F (gb) wrote: Everyone should watch this movie.Privacy is an illusion.

Paul D (gb) wrote: It's a film about forgiveness, forgetting, but more so closure, and it's a fine piece of cinema leading up to this point.

Sally S (es) wrote: 2013 - 2.4/5Other than hearing about it from a coworker I knew nothing about this movie. I went into this movie blind. I'm hesitant to write a full review because I don't want to hint at anything. I will say that this movie reminded me of The Boondock Saints... but a 'Southern' version. I had a good time with this movie, and it definitely wasn't a party until the guns came out. And thankfully, they came out often! The very first scene is an indicator of what's to come, so if you decide to watch this movie and don't like the very first scene, then maybe you should turn it off. If it peaks your curiousity, then keep watching! If you go into this movie blind like it did, I think you'll really enjoy it. The actors definitely looked their part too. (I'll add more about this later).

Laura V (de) wrote: I loved this movie. It was sweet .and very charming. Sara Rue was terrific and refreshing. Not everything needs to be an academy award winner for gods sake! Lighten up people and bounce off the high horse. Have some fun!

James L (kr) wrote: A fun documentary about the greatest sci-fi following in the history of cinema....and Olivia Munn keeps it interesting with her beauty and comical opinions on the obsession Star Wars fans have with the franchise of films!

Film C (es) wrote: Great cast, but not even Headey nor Roth can save this tripe of a movie!

Ted N (gb) wrote: Made the mistake of watching this twice, so am posting this as a warning to myself. Utter drivel. Turgid, commonplace, pedestrian, derivative and a tragic waste of talent. What had happened to Mr Poliakoff?

Brian P (kr) wrote: this movie is hilarious

Pascal P (ca) wrote: Encore une fois un film frappant de la part de nos Qubcois , une morale qui touche droit au coeur. Excellent film d'action/drame/ romantique.. dans NITRO ont retrouve de tous. Amateurs de voitures, d'action, de violences et de sensations fortes vous serez combl car les cascades sont trs bien faits. Lucie Laurier et Guillaume Lemay-T jouent bien leur personnage, comme d'habitude ils sont la hauteur de leur talent. ? noter la performance de Martin Matte dans le rle du mchant qui a trs bien fait malgr l'habitude de ses rles comiques. L'histoire est trs bien pense et la course la recherche du coeur m'a accroche. Les jeux de camra pendant les scnes d'action sont sublimes et nous tiennent en haleine. Bref un film trs touchant qui nous apprend de belles leon de vie et qui fait ressortir les injustices et les cts sombres du fonctionnement de notre systme de sant. La fin est suprenante et innatendue. J'ai trouv NITRO excellent et je dit d'aller le louer au plus vite si vous ne l'avez pas encore vu , et je vous conseille de ne pas vous faire trop d'attentes en pensant que c'est un film de char la Fast and Furious car ce n'est pas le cas.

Neil H (kr) wrote: Interesting look at how individuals deal with shame and guilt. Extremely depressing though.

bill s (ag) wrote: Just thrown together with no ryme or reason....who directed this a 10 year old.

melkira m (fr) wrote: its a very nice movie i really like this movie and i salute to the director of this movie

Douglas C (fr) wrote: its bad but u gotta like it (i guess)

Pee W (fr) wrote: makes me happy and it has bill murray

Lucy H (br) wrote: Cool film didn't know it was based on a true story