Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air

Ellen Burstyn stars as Joan Walker, a mother whose college student son vanishes while traveling from Canada to Colorado. When police fail to investigate, Walker takes matters into her own hands. She and her ex-husband begin a search, but when their son's van is found in Maine brandishing stolen plates, they fear the worst. Now, it's up to a private detective to uncover the chilling truth in this absorbing drama based on a true story.

Ellen Burstyn stars as the Canadian mother of a college student who vanishes mysteriously while driving back to school in the states. After having no luck from the police, she hires a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob F (ru) wrote: Really like the original, but this just didn't do it for me

Minor J (it) wrote: Comenz mal... atacando relaciones consolidadas, as que desde ah vamos cojeando...

Andr D (ru) wrote: El director Fernando Eimbcke calca sin verguenza el estilo de Jim Jarmusch en esta historia que tiene algo "Stranger Than Paradise", "Down By Law", "Ghost Dog" y "Dead Man". Eso no tiene nada de malo. "Lake Tahoe" es una divertidisima pelicula con una excelente fotografia, delicadas actuaciones y que golpea al corazon.

Daniel K (kr) wrote: 1: This is a very strange film. It almost seems to have come from another time. It's basically the story of one woman's sexual exploits as she travels around the country and into the arms of one man after another. She gradually seems to discover more and more about herself and become stronger and stronger, yet she is continually mastered and left at the mercy of increasingly wealthy and successful, but flawed and brutal, individuals. She almost seems to have no will of her own and simply exists to submit. In other words, it is very strange, unexpected, and disconcerting, or at least it would be if made much sense. She is a bit of an enigma. Chastain gives an interesting performance and the film kept me somewhat engaged, but I can't say I fully understand exactly where it is coming from or where it meant to take us. I kept hoping it would have an ending that made everything make sense, but instead it turned out to be the low point of the film.

Stephanie J (es) wrote: Not my favorite, but the interest is still there. William Devane is in this! Very cool & the character of Jesse is more captivating than ever.

Ivan V (ca) wrote: Beautiful and inspiring movie. It clearly displays the struggles high school Chicano students faced to improve their chances educationally as well as for their health. Their struggles were motivated by "Educate your thinking."

scott g (it) wrote: A mossad agent recently widowed is sent on a miission to escort 2 german tourists around israel, Them being brother and sister. the true motives being their grandfather a nazi during wartime, and hoping information will become known about his whereabouts, but as he goes about his mission, a friendship forms with the brother/sister. this isnt Munich in any way but a realationship drama but also bringing up interestinmg topics on the subjec t in question, especially last third where the brother becomes more focused.

Jessica H (mx) wrote: Unbeliavably cute romantic comedy with a good message behind it. I really like this film, but overall it fails to be truely memorable, thanks to useless scenes and poor pacing.

Pete S (de) wrote: Very watchable movie about male competitiveness with humor

Halah (gb) wrote: Brutal. poignant. Style that will haunt you.

Jonathan M (fr) wrote: Probably the most interesting of the 90s woody Allen films. It didn't get bogged down in neurosis...and the mystery was actually entertaining in its own right. Allen Alda and Diane Keaton gave good performances. A who dunnit full of the typical woody Allen relationship angst that wasn't actually about his own angst. Moved quickly with some well filmed scenes and memorable lines.

Matt S (jp) wrote: One of the creepiest movies ever!

Felipe F (au) wrote: Jane Fonda's magnetic performance and Alan Pakula's grip for suspense overcomes occasional clichs.

Eliabeth N (de) wrote: My daddy recommended it so everybody should watch it all the way! lol...

JustManoj H (jp) wrote: This documentary makes you feel like you wanna go there.

Beast B (nl) wrote: First horror movie I ever saw and it made me jump so many times........ AWESOME!!!!!!!

Nate T (mx) wrote: Very well done adaption of the Bill O'Reilly book is helped by strong acting by Rob Lowe.