A Hong Kong slasher movie starring Taiwanese actress Wu Chien Lien.

A Hong Kong slasher movie starring Taiwanese actress Wu Chien Lien. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teddy R (es) wrote: Pretty slow but really intriguing

Bruce B (jp) wrote: Not what I consider a Spaghetti Western, but not just a western either. Ageing Terence Hill tries to pretty much follow the role that he played in the Trinity Western series, but with little success. Little did I know his English was so bad, and most of the other actors acted like they read there lines from Q cards. But once you start watching it, its hard to turn off. Still only 2 1/2 stars for this one.

Lina S (ca) wrote: I wanted to see an anaconda and some action, not just a man that lost his mind. But it was an entertaining documentary.

Private U (ru) wrote: gay version of sex & the city...orgasmically good.

Jj H (de) wrote: best boxing movie I've ever seen.

Nancy C (gb) wrote: 3.75/5 --- A dark movie about two peoples lives intertwined so, and both desperate to get out of the bad place they are in. Survival is not enough. Sometimes you gotta do things you cannot imagine..."How come I've never seen you people before?""Because we are the people you do not see. We are the ones who drive your cabs. We clean your rooms. And suck your cocks."A real character/environment study on people and how was deal with what we're dealt in life. Great acting by Audrey Tautou and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and gritty setting and realistic seedy underworld of illegals and illegal things. Actually near a hotel I stayed at in London in Shoreditch, yeah creepy side of town."Ooh, it is in there...I can hear it. Your heart."Touching and romantic in a sad way, again, very sympathetic characters and struggles.

Marianina S (au) wrote: really bad scenario and acting

Frank H (es) wrote: There's only two funny parts in this boring mess of a "comedy".

Hardy H (es) wrote: It proves that a documentary can be fascinating, depressing, engaging and boring all at the same time.

Gabriel Z (br) wrote: Kind of slow and weird, this movie is pretty damn great.

Ian F (br) wrote: I don't think this movie gets all the credit it's due. Because the film is a comedy, one about farts and therefore fart jokes, the film is easily dismissed as being poor or unlike or separate from the Ozu cannon. However, I liked it and found it still maintained it's family oriented story lines. Yet it is a comedy, so it does stand slightly to the side of the general melodramatic genre that Ozu follows.Another point is the color. The first color Ozu film I saw, it felt weird and shocking, almost like seeing color for the first time! I was almost nieve and thought that Ozu's Japan was some sort of "Plesantville" where everything is in black and white. Ozu's world is a black and white one; it was weird seeing these actors in color!Overall, a good movie that is often overlooked!

Andrew O (mx) wrote: An undeniably good film, but a somewhat disappointing adaption. The film is weighed by a certain sentimentality that is unnecessary to the idea of the story's moral ambiguity, and it's quite possible that casting a big-name cast is part of the problem.

Jamie C (es) wrote: A good old naval battle film that's good in the action but lack of any real story as it's just mostly 2 ships hunting each other until the final showdown which was brilliant and very entertaining, Russell Crowe was brilliant as he always is and he makes the film go by smoother, The film tries to make us care about the cast more than we would like and it does make for slow watching at times but it's still entertaining with some great acting and very well shot battle scenes, Yet another movie I waited too long to see, Don't do the same as me, It's worth a view.

Deanna B (ca) wrote: A very dark and sad film but it truly makes you think of your best friend and if this was you, how you'd handle it if you were in the same situation...