Invasion U.S.A.

Invasion U.S.A.

A one-man army comes to the rescue of the United States when a spy attempts an invasion.

A terrorist, Rostov, is planning to unleash a reign of terror on the U.S.. But before he does he decides to go after Matt Hunter, a former CIA agent who lives in Florida. Hunter once had Rostov's life in his hands, but on orders took him alive, and now Rostov is plagued by nightmares of Hunter killing him. So Rostov goes after him but misses, so Hunter, who has already been approached by his former employers to go after Rostov, after initially turning down the job, because he believed that they should have let him terminate Rostov when he had the chance, decides to go after him. But he is only one man and Rostov has hundreds of men ripping the country apart, so how will he stop it? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yasar B (nl) wrote: Very touching story, excellent performance by claire danes.

Dallas G (ru) wrote: I actually enjoyed this film. I thought the ending took me by surprise.

Elle T (mx) wrote: great characters, great story beautifully shot, and clever distribution plan-timed with the cameo of the main actress in the o.c

Eric J (gb) wrote: An Ok Comedy At Best But Its One Of The Most Annoying And Embarrassing Comedies You'll Ever See About Best Friends Trying To Love Each Other In A Comedy Form. Its Jut To Irritating In Some Parts Also A Little To Stupid.

Justin A (ag) wrote: This is the most Suspiria-like movie that Dario Argento made that isn't called Suspiria.Phenomena (or Creepers) is basically a fairytale slasher movie. Jennifer Connelly is actually really good in the lead role at a very young 15-years-old. She carries the movie and you can kind of see parallels between this movie and Labyrinth. Sure, this movie is MUCH more violent and bloody, but they both have this dreamlike fantasy feel to them. Maybe I'm weird, but I just kept thinking of Labyrinth while watching this.*SPOILERS*Speaking of fantasy, this movie is very imaginative and creative almost to a ridiculous fault. What I mean is a chimpanzee saves the day by killing the villain. Also, the killer in the movie is a small, deformed monster child. He is stopped by Jennifer Connelly calling insects to attack and kill him by eating his flesh.The movie is a bit predictable though. Daria Nicolodi spends almost the entire movie standing in the background looking weird and not saying anything until the end of the movie when it is revealed she is the mother of the killer and helping him kill young girls. It was obvious she was going to play a bigger role near the end of the movie (well, at least to people who know who she is).*END SPOILERS*This was one of the last movies Dario Argento and Daria Nicolodi worked together on (Opera being the last). So this was near the end of Argento's great string of slashers starting with Deep Red. Some people may not hold this movie in as high regard as Suspiria, Deep Red, and Tenebre, but this is one of my favorites. Sure, it has some noticeable flaws, but you rarely get creativity and originality like this in movies anymore. Well worth checking out.

Drew H (fr) wrote: Faithfull to the book but who cares, boring in film form and dated social values. Much better Dracula films than this.

Ken S (us) wrote: Well made (at this point it could be called classic) documentary about two high school basketball players struggling to balance school, the sport, and all the struggles that face them in inner city Chicago in the early 90s. Both kids have dreams of basketball getting them into college and even hope to maybe make the NBA...but it isn't really so much about the game, as much as it is a real look at what life can be like for these kids who grow up poor and face all the strife that comes with that...and we've designed a society for them in which one of the few viable ways a game. Really a great documentary, a great slice of a piece of America that is still fairly present in this day and age.

Alex H (kr) wrote: This first installment plays less like a traditional horror flick, and more like a primetime crime drama fed with a lot of Halloween fun. The best film of the series.

Thomas B (de) wrote: Well acted by Jack Palance and Charlton Heston. It's struggle for the Indian survival and Jack Palance plays "the Messiah" for the Indians. However, the movie is really about two childhood rivalries that eventually have to settle the score with each other.

Angie C (au) wrote: Pretty good. More true to the book than along came a spider.