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Investigador privado... muy privado


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Johnson C (au) wrote: This is really a minority film. Plot is on a 'simple mission' of a team of US soldier in Iraq, but sth happened and things got wrong.If the movie ends with a "mind devil" or a real ghost horror film, I will give 1 more star. The director put a heavy bet on the ending, either like or total dislike. Now I feel the ending is totally redicoulous.

Michael C (it) wrote: What was true for a Berlin devastated by war in Roberto Rossellini's GERMANY YEAR ZERO is true for the precariously laid-out squalor of a village in Manila. Brillante Mendoza obviously has a knack for knowing what his audience knows and can gather from a scene. As the camera is confidently trained on what appear to be, on their own, mundane situations, the implications gradually build to an overwhelming sense of immediacy. All of it is presented in a way that feels natural, with an emotional tempo closer to real life than to the abbreviated melodrama most films on this subject would tend toward. Rather, we have a staccato beat punctuated with cab rides and corny ring tones. It assumes that you're smart enough to get it, rather than beating you over the head with orchestral swells and sweeping panoramas.My first instinct is to say I wish there were more films like this in the mainstream; studios not afraid of genres like neo-realism. But this style has to keep its integrity and subtlety to retain its value. So, instead I ask you, dear reader, check this film out, and think about it for a bit. Think about what film can be.

madison c (gb) wrote: i really want to watch i love it

Leo L (ru) wrote: Great movie. An interesting story plot that surrounds the everyday lives of a family of three Hispanic women: a grandmother, mother, and a granddaugther. Great cast- America Ferrera and Elizabeth Pena are phenomenal. Definitely worth seeing.

Private U (us) wrote: Surprenant (je n'avais aucune attente). Film perturbant d'horreur et de mystre.

Laurence G (jp) wrote: SHHH guilt pleasure....

Emily B (es) wrote: Can't believe I haven't seen this before now! Fun, colorful musical with great music. Going to get the soundtrack right now!

James H (ag) wrote: Margaret Rutherford is a brilliant actress and makes a perfect Miss Marple. Expertly blends comedy with mystery, very entertaining and enjoyable. Very well written.

Chuck B (es) wrote: First the beginning and end of this movie reminded me of The Shawshank Redemption. But the middle is very different. Bogart is as good as always, but Bacall is the backbone of the movie. The story is interesting if not a little slow and some of the decisions of the hero don't make sense. It is a mystery with a somewhat simple answer, but still a good classic movie.

Joon Y (es) wrote: I hardly give bad ratings but this one sucked elephant balls. It was terrible in all areas: the plot, the acting, and effects used. IMO, the director needs to learn more about creating better movies...

Torion O (au) wrote: Amazingly filmed, magical float-y fighting along with not-so-float-y fighting, and an intriguing story. Music by Tan Dun captures the tone perfectly.

Brad W (nl) wrote: Love it! A buddy picture with sci-fi, action, comedy and it has a heart!