The film deals with the unforeseen effects generated by a young writer's suicide.

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Invierno torrent reviews

Zahid C (gb) wrote: Day: ThursdayDate: 23 Jan 2014Time: 10.00 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

Abhilasha M (nl) wrote: Went to watch this movie, without the slightest idea of what I was in for. The first half, is cute, with a romance building up between Varun and Pakhi and is picturized in such a lovely way. Then, things take a roundabout, when the movie proves that nothing is ever like we expect it to be. The second half is a little slow-paced, but the cinematography and background score is beautiful. Loosely based on 'The Last Leaf', by O'Henry, Lootera makes for an enjoyable watch, with a subtle, yet powerful performance by Sonakshi Sinha.

Arthuro M (fr) wrote: There are no words to describe this garbage.

WS W (it) wrote: The playing-God concept is grand which should be largely credited to the original manga creator Naoki Urasawa. Chapter 2 is basically all dragging transition between its prequel & sequel whereas not much being told. I particularly dislike its giddy tone from the beginning to the middle most.

reeel g (nl) wrote: i loved this movie. a traditional western romance and story of revenge... i cried! great performances by angus macfadyen, justin ament and marnie alton. have always been a fan of william sadler, and even though his role is small, his performance is heartfelt. overall a good choice for beautiful scenery and an engaging story.

corey m (ca) wrote: who didn't love this movie?


Ken O (nl) wrote: Beautiful coming of age supernatural fable with poetic imagery, a must for fans of 70s horror and foreign arthouse.

Chris B (ag) wrote: Criterion have finally made an essential upgrade from their old DVD version and have realized a beautiful and faithful representation of Seijun Suzuki's "Tokyo Drifter"! This along with the film "Branded to Kill" released the following year, and ultimately getting Suzuki fired, are his most acclaimed and well known films of the renegade Director. The B&W opening with the overblown contrast is captured beautifully and really is poetic in it's image and being. The film then progresses into color and into the lives of various men and women both in and involved in some way to the Yakuza. Tetsuya Watari plays Hondo Tetsuya who is a skilled yakuza trying to go straight along with his boss and beat their old habits of the gang. This dream is torn apart as another rival syndicate enters the picture and threatens everything. The film is what I would consider an artistic action film that explodes with every gun fight and set piece with style to spare! The film is disjointed and crosscuts are used right as we are about to see something happen and then we are hours away and in a different area then before. It isn't until we realize that even though we didn't see the kill or other action, it was done and we have already moved on in the story in order to fit such a film into 82 minutes. This film is a fun and artsy adventure film that uses it's plot to advance the film to and from set pieces that the heart of the stylish film resides and is a blast to watch knowing the intention of the Director.

Dylan W (de) wrote: LOVE William Dieterle. The was the American version of Black Narcissus, for me.

Sharku T (ca) wrote: Epic adventure, filled with emotions and story. Acting is great,effects are for their time perfect,well rounded. This movie is worthy adaptation of book.