Io e Caterina

Io e Caterina

Enrico Melotti, a businessman middle-aged, is dominated by a fierce as naive form of machismo sees women only for what they can give...

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Io e Caterina torrent reviews

Zahid M (ag) wrote: Entertainment Prabhu Deva ishtyle. :D

Richard D (ag) wrote: I didn't know that the guy from "True Blood" was Australian. This is a pretty straightforward romantic comedy with a slightly raunchy edge to it. It's refreshingly not awful. There's not a lot that's new or startling here, but it's nice to see a simple comedy actually done well.

Pierre A (gb) wrote: Ambitieux, inspir et inspirant.

Aaron O (ca) wrote: 1.0 The film had great potential to be a so bad it's good film, but sadly the film is treated with the utmost seriousness, and watching a mega shark fighting a giant octopus becomes surprisingly boring. The films not even bad enough to be unintentionally funny, and that's saying something.

Andrew T (kr) wrote: Looks kinda like Eagle Eye, which is why I like the way it looks.. Will update post when I see it.

Emma R (ag) wrote: i think i may have seen enough of these movies ae

Cale R (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed it, largely in part to the rich characters who were all played brilliantly.

Uriel A V (de) wrote: Una pelicula muy extraa. Las secuencias largas parecen ser habituales en el modo de filmar de Manoel de Oliveira (prolifico y veterano cineasta portugues) y no es para personas acostumbradas al cine hollywoodense ni para los que se distraen fcilmente, pues las secuencias de las charlas en el barco o las largas tomas de paisajes de distintos paises del mediterraneo se toman su tiempo, fcil de 5 a 10 minutos que "retan" la paciencia del espectador no acostumbrado, pero ofrece un quehacer intelectual al espectador interesado. Lo de extraa mas que nada lo digo por el muy estrepitoso final. Recomendable de observar.

Dan P (de) wrote: Always like to watch a Batman animated flick.

Manon M (us) wrote: Cheap monster film but those are the best. They don't try to be intelligent or thrilling, they don't try to build up personalities, they're just plain cheap and silly fun. I would call it a guilty pleasure.

MF J (es) wrote: French cinema is always keen on telling gritty unhappy stories. Here we are facing a young rebellious girl who's been placed in foster care after the suicide of her mother. The film follows her searching for her long lost dad. It's not a funny film, but it's well done & entertaining especially in the first half.

Scott C (gb) wrote: Wow! This was a creepy movie.

Shiela E (gb) wrote: half-way decent bio pic of the late patsy cline. focuses equally on the relationship between she and her husband charlie as it does her career, perhaps more. if you really want an in depth story of how she made it you aren't going to get it. another curious point-it didn't have a single scene with loretta lynn. patsy was shown in coal miner's daughter, but loretta was nowhere in this one. wondered why-they were supposedly very good friends. jessica lange does a good job though, even if it is painfully obvious she is lip synching. interesting enough that i watched to the end...and I love patsy's music, so....

Tsubaki S (fr) wrote: Spaghetti westerns got darker as the era was approaching it's end. Having explored almost every narrative route possible they began to become more introspective. Lucio brings his signature to this work, and while there's not much action or gore going on there's an always obscure and almost depressing mood that rides along with the characters. Milian shines big time as the vicious chaco, the soundtrack is way too happy for what we are seeing onscreen, maybe that was the idea? Our heroes could have been a bit smarter, who would be willing to share some peyote with a guy like chaco?

Les E (jp) wrote: Brutal in its simple honesty. The commentary is so bland, almost nonjudgemental, allowing you to form your own opinions. More than half a century after it was made it should still be essential viewing for all school students.

Jake S (br) wrote: Equally, if not more, funny as the series. A lot of puerile adolescent fun.

Steve W (ag) wrote: The cast and ending thing are amazing, but the movie is not. Its tonally all over the place, its not funny, scary, or fulfilling. In fact it tapers off into a very soft ending and it never gels with its genres. What a waste of a nice cast.

Andrey B (br) wrote: This now legendary movie demonstates the possibilities of cinema at the end of the XX century.