A cautionary tale of love, crime, fantasy and addiction that follows two young Iowan lovers who decide to go into the "batch" business - cooking their own methamphetamine - only to watch it burn a searing hole in their lives.

A cautionary tale of love, crime, fantasy and addiction that follows two young Iowan lovers who decide to go into the "batch" business - cooking their own methamphetamine - only to watch it burn a searing hole in their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott R (nl) wrote: A glimpse into studio ghibli and Miya-san.

Sean S (fr) wrote: Forced to watch this several years ago on a school trip to DC. The first 5 minutes seem pretty sad, but then you realize that its not and the older brother is just a dick. The rest of the movie is a guy playing catching with his brother's ghost and occasionally sailing or mowing the lawn at the graveyard. There is literally no plotline what soever

Sylv E (gb) wrote: Very slow film, nothing actually scary or suspense of any kind. Totally predictable and just wished it hadn't taken so long to get to the end of the film! Definitely not fitting into the "vampire" league and not one to be remembered but rather forgotten about.

Frank L (jp) wrote: The fight scenes are undoubtedly gripping, but the plot is a bit trite.

Mohamed H (gb) wrote: it's my first indian movie ... and i don't think it will be last :)

Andrew L (br) wrote: The energy between Streep and Hathaway was great. A number of great moments. I actually didn't care for the message of the movie. But that's not what I cared about. I just cared about seeing what nonsense Streep was going to put Hathaway through and how she'd respond. The most ridiculous of requests got the greatest response. I laughed out loud for a long time at that. This is a very well done movie, chick-flicky message and girly fashion theme aside...

Gursheen B (fr) wrote: cant remember whethr i watched it or not

Kathleen C (br) wrote: This movie was just ok nothing spectacular, but good for some laughs.

Blake P (de) wrote: Our eyes are holes within a mask. Our bodies are consumed by a thudding heartbeat. Our breathing is loud and rhythmic. Our feet move along the side of a dormitory, peering in the windows like a demented peeping Tom. We're spotted, but it doesn't matter; we're thirsty for blood, and this is the perfect place to get a drink. We enter the building, make our way into the showers, and lethally surprise an ingenue who lets out a scream that Drew Barrymore would roll her eyes at. She sounds like a dying cat. "Jesus, that's terrible," Jack Terry (John Travolta) groans. "You mean you didn't dub that?" the mixer scoffs. The audio and visuals of the opening in "Blow Out" are a loud-and-proud ripoff of 1978's "Halloween," but it's a more interesting version, an operatic one, if you will. Jack is a sound engineer who works his magic on B-movie projects, the ones that make sequels to slasher movies that no one saw in the first place. He is simultaneously content with his job and hungry for something more. Late one night, Jack goes to a local park to record some audio effects for an upcoming outdoor scene. De Palma's execution is so visually inventive, you'd think he were part of the French New Wave. In one frame, Travolta shares the spotlight with an owl. In another, the sound of a distant frog gives thumping life to a scene of deadly silence. Then, a shot and a screech erupt from the road. A car tire blows out, and in response, it lurches over a bridge and into a river. Jack quickly dives in to save whoever is inside. He finds a young woman (Nancy Allen), still alive, and a man, surrounded with blood. When they arrive at the hospital, we find that the man was a presidential hopeful; the woman, Sally, was a high-class call girl. Jack quickly realizes that it's too much of a coincidence: a politician gets into a freak accident that ends his life? Preposterous. He listens to the tapes from that night repeatedly, and comes to the conclusion that someone shot the tire. And when a sleazy photographer (Dennis Franz) steps out with a series of photographs of the accident, it seems that a conspiracy was at store, not an accident. "Blow Out" is Brian De Palma's homage to Michelangelo Antonioni's "Blowup," trading photography for sound, mod London for downtown Philadelphia. "Blowup" was a brilliant exercise in the mundane, leaving more questions than answers; "Blow Out" takes the the pitter-pattered lifestyle of an unsatisfied man and places him next to unstoppable corruption. It's an art film disguised as a political thriller. The pay ups are in place, the coverups are ever evident, and the bad guys (disguised as good guys in the public eye) are ruthless. Travolta is zealous but understated; Allen is ultra lovable as a hooker with a heart of gold; John Lithgow is terrifying as a killer who views murder in a scientific, effective way of deleting error from a possibly explosive situation. But what "Blow Out" is really all about is De Palma and his relationship with the camera, and it never gets old. He is an extraordinary visual storyteller. He is able to evoke any mood he pleases with just the right placement or shot. De Palma's famous split-screen techniques are on display, but also are his homages to Alfred Hitchcock. The high-angle shots, the point-of-view showcases are presented in a less than subtle way. Even the opening scene, meant to be somewhat comedic and overdone, is poetic in its use of the interaction of sight and sound. In any other hands, "Blow Out" would inevitably be compared to "All the President's Men" or "Three Days of the Condor". But De Palma is an auteur of huge means, and it stands alone as a daring passion project.

Dann M (kr) wrote: The series come full circle in Battle For the Planet of the Apes. In the wake of nuclear annihilation Caesar sets up a new ape society, but it's soon threatened by war when human survivors from the fallout discover his ape city. Several Ape series veteran actors return, including Roddy McDowall, and John Huston makes a featured appearance. Once again the series returns to themes of predestination, human nature, and prejudice. The film finds a nice balance of drama and action in which to tell this tale, and still maintains some ambiguity and mystery. Battle For the Planet of the Apes is a challenging science-fiction drama that has a lot of solid action.

Lee Anne W (au) wrote: Look at me, watching a Bergman movie. It is beautiful to look at, and I even sort of understood it.

Andy C (mx) wrote: Bah, who cares about underlying themes? I just want to watch guys play with guns. I think.

bernard a (it) wrote: What a terrific line-up of names: Cary Grant, Carole Lombard and Kay Francis - which is what prompted me to record and watch this film in the first place. You'd think with a cast like that - you'd be in for some sort of screwball comedy. Wrong. IN NAME ONLY is as far from a comedy as you can get. Cary Grant, Carole Lombard and Kay Francis play this drama as straight and serious as a heart attack and they are just terrific in it. It's also one hell of an entertaining story...shhhh, never you mind that it's supposed to be some sort of a chick-flick romantic melodrama. Yes, I admit it's quite soapish, but... Shhhh!!! Alec Walker (Cary Grant) is a wealthy businessman whose marriage to his wife, Maida (Kay Francis) is on the out and out. Alec should be home with his wife and parents - who are hosting a party - but Alec would rather be out riding around his estate on his horse. That's how much he hates his wife. During the ride, Alec meets Julie Eden (Carole Lombard), a neighbor out trying her hand at fly-fishing. Julie doesn't catch anything except Alec's attention. We soon learn that Julie is a widow raising a 6 year old daughter, Ellen (Peggy Ann Garner) - and this, as they say, is the beginning of a beautiful relationship... or is it? The only thing that can hang up the relationship between Alec and Julie is... Maida - and boy, does she! Kay Francis as the scheming wife is just delicious here too. As is Maida's best friend, Suzanne (Helen Vinson) who secretly has the hots for Alec. This story pulls you in from the beginning and I love the way the different characters are introduced and how they interact with each other as the film progresses. The script is smart and well written...but it's never so serious that the film is without it's humorous moments - as in the scene when Grant and Lombard are trying to eat a Thanksgiving dinner onboard a train. The barbs in the dialogue is as good as it gets. This is the humorous side of Cary Grant we are well familiar with. But it's also fascinating to watch them play a straight drama as they do for most of the film. I can see how some may find this dated - extramarital affairs not as big a stigma as it once was, or is it still? Maybe? I really don't want to say too much else - as the fun in watching this is in watching the drama unfold. 9 / 10

Adam B (mx) wrote: I love Fritz Lang, and this is just a good 1950's adventure film.

Leena L (es) wrote: Totally not my kind of film. 99 Dollar cents so I though I give it a go. In short, 2 hours of men wounded by mines exploding in Afghanistan and others trying to keep them and themselves alive until evacuation happens. I suppose there is credit to show how military units function, but for me it was blasts, blood, bones, stones, dust and misery.