Ira & Abby

Ira & Abby

A neurotic, young psychology student, with low self-esteem, has a chance encounter with a free-spirited, extremely gregarious woman who works at the Paris Health Club in New York City, and who suggests that they immediately get married to see how it will work out. Both of the student's parents are analysts, and they provide the happy couple with a gift certificate for a year of marriage counseling as a wedding present.

A hastily married couple quickly devolve into a life of affairs, meddling parents, and therapy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan M (fr) wrote: Interesting enough I suppose, didn't know the whole thing behind Snowden's story until watching this. Lot of computer techno-babble, Shailene Woodley looking very cute as well. Can't wait to see what the sequel will be about, hah.. but yeah, decent biographical film sure.

(br) wrote: genius comedy-romantic-drama with a sci-fi plot film.

Alain G (us) wrote: Na bijna een half uur niks niemendal en nothing de film afgezet!

John S (br) wrote: Imagine Snatch (including Brick-Top) meets Shaun of the Dead. Breezy, gross-out, tongue in cheek flick.

Jeannie W (de) wrote: it's good for a low budget film if u have no expectations! Llast 30 minutes was the only thing worth seeing... but not again

Niloufar I (ca) wrote: It was such an improvement in Australian film industry and I loved the actings quite natural and communicative.

Kevin W (ca) wrote: It isn't just about the scares. There something about this film visually/aesthetically that puts you in a tense mood throughout this tragic story. It has masterful cinematography. With a perfect soundtrack attached to this work it is one of my favourite horror films. Personally, this is my kind of horror, the ones that messes with your head. You'll need some time to digest everything that you've just seen story wise, but you'll appreciate it. And now that I have revisited this film again, I can say it's is my favourite horror movie of all time.

Adam M (jp) wrote: Ok, i can't be to hard on this as i knew what i was getting into. The cover i saw(which is different from the one on here) has a big pic of Jenna Jameson with her name in big letters at the top and when i saw Ginger Lynn Allen and Chasey Laine were in it as well I thought this was going to be a softcore/torture porn classic! This obviously knows what it is and for alot of the time doesn't try to be anything else. A teacher and her small class of history students go to whats supposed to be Ireland to learn about local legends and shit like that only to be attacked by some beast/s cos they disturb the legend of Sam Hain. This has what every B-movie horror should really; bad acting, a dodgy script, over the top gore, y'know, the good stuff! One of the worst things is Ginger Lynns(i think its Ginger Lynn anyway) attempt at an Irish accent, which she clearly has a go at, to be fair. The ending is also crap. You get the idea that they ran out of budget so had to just end it randomly! Saying that, Bobbie Phillips stands out as the teacher, one of the only people in this that can act and is quite fit to. Unfortunately Jenna Jamesons only in it for under 5 minutes making the big pic on the front disappointing. Overall, quite a fun B-movie that pretty much delivers on gore but not enough sex/nudity for a film with at least two hardcore porn stars!