Irandam Ulagam

Irandam Ulagam

Madhu (Arya) and Remya (Anushka) slowly but surely falls in love but fate has them separated. Parallelly, we have Maravan (Arya) and Varna (Anushka) a high spirited warrior living in a fantasy world and have a different love story. Varna is tough and does not want to get married and be someone's slave. Madhu goes in search of his lady love to fantasy world filled with flying creatures, beautiful green forests and his life intervenes with that of Maravan. How he helps the lovers, saves Maravan and how Varna discovers love forms the rest of the story.

Two parallel love stories on two planets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean H (br) wrote: Weird, annoying, and simply awful

Guilherme J (fr) wrote: Um pouco pretensioso demais, mas bem intrigante e esteticamente interessante.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Even the strongest sailors can howl at times.

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Grayson D (it) wrote: Nicely observed and acted. It has nowhere in particular to go but enjoyable as it goes.

Johanna J (it) wrote: That little boy was creepy. kept waiting for something more to happen. it was more mind play and predictable.

Chris D (ag) wrote: if not for stuart townsend's smoldering self-assured sexiness, this movie wouldn't be nearly as amusing. as it stands, it's worth watching...just not fantastic.

Bojana S (it) wrote: By far the best Kusturica film!

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