A film about the complex relationships between fathers and daughters, and the potential lifelong consequences of those relationships.

A video diary shot and recorded by the filmmaker, using little more than his imagination and the happenstance and flow of the everyday, finally layering in a lifetime of memories. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Irene torrent reviews

Roberto A (nl) wrote: Great movie! Fascinating resistance freighters

Jason H (br) wrote: Despite it being probably the longest anti-coffee PSA ever, it was a beautiful, thought provoking film that could've been a masterpiece had some of the secondary characters had a bit more depth.

Nicolas G (gb) wrote: Une intrigue riche sous forme de puzzle de gens ordinaires aux destins extraordinaires, camps par des acteurs qui ne font rien moiti. Le touchant Jean-Pierre Cassel y effectue d'ailleurs un de ses derniers tours de piste (en fauteuil, mais tout de mme !).

Dave S (ca) wrote: A movie with a title like that has no excuse to be this boring.

Gabriel W (au) wrote: A very amusing comedy about relationships and the troubles of love! Very sexy too!

WS W (de) wrote: Tilda Swinton is just phenomenal inside.And the feature successfully depicts the colorless, chilly mood story backdrop as well. Which, however, turns out to be too pale & dull at the same time.

Jonathan L (de) wrote: Nothing to do worth the book.

Lauren G (kr) wrote: one of my favorites. this flick will have you in sitches from start to finish, so hilarious.

Ian C (mx) wrote: I feel like writing a strongly worded letter of complaint to New World Pictures or filing a law suit for false advertisement. The cover has Gary Busy solo with an uzi. The film has him as a hippy with just a bit part. It had an interesting premise with a gang of biker's overstaying their welcome on a hippy commune. This had the potential for a classic turn of the tables vigilante flick. Instead it's just a distorted mess with a few sufer looking chicks getting their bangers out.

Mark L (nl) wrote: I was hoping for a Wood rendition of Lolita but it's definitely not that kind of Jail Bait.. Probably one of Wood's best movies! Entertaining with a predictable but satisfying ending. The usual ensemble is here with some WOODen acting of a WOODen script!

Ken T (au) wrote: Marcel Carne was an exceptional director working with one of the greatest screenwriters in Jacques Prevert and one of the very best set designers in Alexandre Trauner. Port of Shadows is an exceptional yet simple tale of a man who has never been lucky and running away from his past. Hiding away, he meets Nelly, a beautiful young woman with whom he falls in love. But in the shady town of Le Havre, danger lurks! A beautiful film with fine performances by Jean Gabin, the stunning Michele Morgan and the always exceptional Michel Simon.

AJ G (de) wrote: Wow, that was something

Vaughan M (de) wrote: An unbelievably smart film in which everything makes sense in the end. It tackles a mind-boggling, incredibly interesting subject and uses it effectively. And what a turn for Will Ferrell, who shows he has true range as an actor. This may be the most underrated movie of the 21st century, and is a must-see for all movie goers.

Dave B (es) wrote: Couldn't finish it. Too much raw, personal pain, not enough moving story.

David L (au) wrote: Where do I start with this?! Peculiar plot line would be an understatement. When I envisage what the director of this film was thinking, I'm imagining a half stoned middle aged man that is sex starved enough to create a pornographic introduction that contributes very little to the purpose of this film, other than to shock its audience as a way of getting their attention. It then progresses into a tale of a failed actor trying desperately to regain success of his career as opposed to delving further into the depths of drugs and alcohol, potentially how the producer of this film sees himself given the scandalous direction this movie has. All of a sudden, we then flashback several years into a period drama style setting, suggesting the writer has now awoken from his wild night out, and tries to inject some serious story and emotion into this spectacle by way of a coastal wartime scenario surrounding several families. At first it's all very confusing and far fetched to follow but gradually all pieces together into a relatively sweet conclusion that leaves a comforting taste in the mouth. As to the point of all this, I'm still trying to work that one out; is it suggesting we should never run away from our problems and it's better to face up to who we are, and who we really care for before it's too late? In any case, this ones definitely an open book with lots for one to interpret. It's not a real thrill seekers type as it's fairly slow paced, with quite a depressive undertone running throughout. The acting is bordering monotone, with Daniel Craig not exactly sparkling anything into life, but that sort of fits with the whole dynamic of this one really. As you can probably tell, I wasn't sold into being its biggest fan on first impressions but I can appreciate the hidden depths this may hold for the over analytical types to really get their teeth into.