Irene Huss - I skydd av skuggorna

Irene Huss - I skydd av skuggorna

A man is found shot in the head in his car, under water. The trail leads to a biker gang with important connections in crime and society.

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Irene Huss - I skydd av skuggorna torrent reviews

Leong C (ca) wrote: At last, Radcliffe performs....

Andy B (gb) wrote: Africa x nghngffv fvf hgwy. c n g.ggbfhwjhhjhhaaqweynvnjvvcgggggjnnv fgvbv bvvf

Daniel G (ag) wrote: Poolboy is very specific kind of genre: the bad on purpose kind. Which, everytime I'd seen it, had been great and hilarious, but also had been short of length. I don't know if the joke isn't good enough to last a full featured film, or if the excecution wasn't just that great, but there's plenty of misses in this hit-or-miss flick. I did find some parts hilarious and liked it in general, because it's my kind of movie, but I would understand if someone didn't liked this movie at all.

Brianna G (ru) wrote: what can i say i love Maynard <3

Jeffrey J (fr) wrote: Nothing special. It's clear throughout the movie why it went straight to DVD, but it is worth the time.

Cheryl L (nl) wrote: Broke my heart and made me mad.

Mike T (au) wrote: Marlon Brando's career in the 1960s is certainly not the barren wasteland that it's often proclaimed to be. This is another interesting, albeit flawed movie from the decade that boasts a strong piece of acting from the legendary star. The patience-demanding structure of the film grows mildly tiresome at times, but for the most part I enjoyed the approach. A slick photographic venture, it manages to stay out of the confines of its genre for the most part, with only flashes of cheesy cliche.

Chris K (fr) wrote: This is a great romantic film for intellectuals.

David L (nl) wrote: Warning: contains spoilers. This received one star because the acting was one thing I could not fault. Excellent performance from top-notch actors and actresses. Ultimately, though this movie was worthy of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Let me tell you why.1. Really terrible CGI. The Hulk just looks plain fake. And he is bright green. Like lime jell-o green. For some reason, when he gets shot his body jiggles like jell-o. Whoever did the CGI never studied anatomy and apparently never watched another human being move, because you should see the weird contortions of the Hulk's muscles when he jumps.2. Terrible plot. There's this creepy janitor and he turns out to be Bruce's dad who experimented on his own baby boy because he's one sick puppy who was more concerned about science than his son. Bruce, as the Hulk, has to fight his dad's hunting dogs who have been turned into Hulkdogs. Eventually his dad becomes a version of the Absorbing Man. Their fight scene is mostly talking and makes no sense. After the movie was over in theatres, I talked to several people. None of them understood that scene.3. The presentation of the film was awful. The scenes transitioned with PowerPoint slide effects. No. Seriously. At one point there is a bunch of boxing in and out and multiple scenes being presented at the same time with most of the screen being black and unused. Looks like a kid got ahold of the editing equipment and went wild.At least the MCU version was better.


Jarett B (nl) wrote: Again, Wong Fei-Hung protects China from foreigners, but this time the threat comes from within at the hands of the White Lotus Sect and the Chinese Government who are foreign to the good of China. Part 2 is an example of too much of a good thing. While the first is much more story oriented, part 2 is all about Kung Fu spectacle. For instance, what would easy be considered the "final showdown" in most films is only a warm-up for a faceoff between Donnie Yen and Jet Li (which is awesome). But, when it's all said and done, it's like 45 minutes of fighting and really stops the film cold in its tracks. Don't get me wrong, it's unreal action as Li and Yen perform their own martial arts and stunts, but it still is a bit much--a tad too much of a good thing.

Mike L (de) wrote: This is the story of a put-upon widow Loretta (Cher) who is about to embark on a loveless marriage until fate, in the form of Nicolas Cage (Ronnie) intercedes. Ronnie, a tightly wired Brooklyn baker with a chip on his shoulder, is lost to love until an encounter with Loretta changes everything. Together, Ronnie and Loretta must navigate the tumultuous waters of passion and propriety and the challenges of a loving, yet dysfunctional family. This is an ensemble cast with magnetic chemistry. A brilliant Olympia Dukakis (Rose) plays the exhausted matriarch seeking answers to love, while husband Vincent Gardenia (Cosmo) is equally engaging as a past-his-prime plumber in the throws of a later-life crisis. This is one of the most authentic films I've seen, with characters that my inner New Yorker knows well. Filled with comfortable anecdotes and a true to life texture, the viewer will feel enveloped by a family they love, even if they don't know why. I highly recommend it.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: From Comic Strip co-creator Peter Richardson and his co-writer Pete Richens, this is a black comedy on celebrity life and the British government of the 1980's. Made during the 3rd Series of the Comic Strip, it's actually a very good film, and should have made them famous, but it flopped, which is a shame, as it's still relevent now. It has waiter Alex (Alan Pellay) getting sacked from his job after being pushed around by the upper classes, now homeless, he witnesses a terrorist attack on an embassy, so does a raid on a dole office and goes on the lam with Ron (Ron Tarr). Meanwhile, Home Secretary Nosher Powell (Nosher Powell as himself), is a lager lout who has a no-nonsense way of dealing with trouble, however Commander Fortune (Ronald Allen) and Spider (Lemmy) want to derail Nosher's campaign of becoming Prime Minister, they find a brilliant idea of bringing him down when Alex and Ron open a restaurant called Eat The Rich, that's serving up some very "rich" food, minced up in the kitchen. It's a very good satire on class and celebrity, with the Comic Strip team, including Ade Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Nigel Planer and Robbie Coltrane making cameos, and so does Paul McCartney, Jools Holland and Bill Wyman. One in need of a rediscovery, good soundtrack by Motrhead though.

Andruw F (it) wrote: Even without a title like Machine Gun Preacher, the movie is boring.

Catherine L (nl) wrote: Enjoyed the wonderful singing voices of Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones but didn't care for the rest of the music or the lame story.

Bruno V (fr) wrote: Not that bad , but no surprises here ...predictable my idea