Irene Huss - The Treacherous Net

Irene Huss - The Treacherous Net

A witness sees how a girl is attacked and dragged into a van. Despite the vast resources found murdered girl, rough sexually abused. Irene Huss leading the investigation, but there are ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Irene Huss - The Treacherous Net torrent reviews

Ken W (gb) wrote: Tedious would be kind. It's a pointless load of pretentious twat.

James Y (jp) wrote: Nice, but wish it addressed more burning gaps like Kara Thrace

Francisco S (ag) wrote: A movie you can watch with your child 6+ entertaining for him and not suicidal for you.

Alan M (au) wrote: Vapid gory nonsense. Controversial for the sake of it. Terrible acting shoddy effects and mostly disgusting.

Paul D (it) wrote: James Bond isn't exactly one of my most favorite characters. I find most Bond movies to be boring overall. This one is a bit different and I am thankful for that. Daniel Craig does a great job in this. While this movie isn't without a few slow parts, it is still worth watching.

Greg W (au) wrote: doc like quality and haunting film score highlight this historical drama

Cha t (au) wrote: See the original Doctor Who in this old british comedy.

The Critic (mx) wrote: An amusing effort which isn't too far off the mark from Laurel and Hardy's superior 'Bonnie Scotland' (1935).

Huw David J (au) wrote: A deeply frustrating film. Sean Penn plays an aging rock star who travels across America to find the man who persecuted his father in Auschwitz. The story doesn't add up (why is he living in Ireland, married to a fire fighter?), and his quest is constantly diverted by a string of quirky, local characters whom he befriends. It's well worn trope of the road movie, but Penn's unbearably slow, soft and deadpan manner of speech makes the experience more annoying than heartwarming.

Ruth P (de) wrote: This is cast as a psychological sci-fi thriller. Not so much. The idea - four astronauts locked up for 400 days and left uncertain as to what is real or a simulation - is good but I took away one star for the loosely-woven sub-plot between the doctor and the captain, as well as the very undefined role of Devorak and the general feeling of the writers saying "I'm stuck. What should happen next?". A good psychological thriller should have an element of uncertainty but then each scene must have a purpose. There were too many scenes where I was left saying "What the hell was THAT?"It lost another star for the lackluster acting. The captain manages to look like a beaten puppy in every scene. There is absolutely no spark between the captain and the doctor, so imagining any kind of a relationship between them is impossible. Devorak's place in this whole movie makes no sense. There is no authenticity to his role.And it lost half a star to lack of satisfaction. I love Rod Sterling's "The Twilight Zone" and the uncertainty of that show kept me up at night. Matt Ostermann said that he wanted to replicate that. But that would mean that the uncertainty itself would be satisfying. It's okay to not know the answers if it feels like an intellectual challenge to get to the answer. It's not okay to not know the answers if it feels like there are some important scenes on the cutting room floor.