Irma la Douce

Irma la Douce

Nester Patou, a naive police officer, is transferred to the red light district in Paris and organizes a raid on a dodgy hotel running as a brothel - inadvertently disrupting the corrupt system of the police and the pimps union, and netting his station superior. Fired from his job, Nester goes to the local bar for a drink and befriends a pretty young lady named Irma la Douce. Upon realizing she is a prostitute, Nester invents a crazy scheme to keep her from seeing other men.

In Paris, an ex-cop falls in love with a prostitute, and tries to get her out of that life by paying for all of her time. Not so easy... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gaspar O (ru) wrote: This is a terrible movie, but it has more flying blood and bad gore effects than you can shake a stick at...a big stick...and that alone makes it worth an extra star or so.

Nichole A (ru) wrote: This was so phenomenally bad I had to leave a review, something I don't normally do. The acting is stiff, dialogue unrealistic, effects worse than what my highschool theater group could have come up with. Thankfully got this as a free rental, even so I feel like I should get a refund for the hour and a half I lost watching it. At the end of the credits there's an easter egg scene with the guy who played Dante on Clerks... But not sure what the heck that was supposed be about.

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Si F (br) wrote: A waste of 93 minutes of my life i will never get back

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Stacie W (ca) wrote: Sorry NF, I watched it without you...I can't help myself I'm a junkie..I needed a fix...LOL..I'll watch it again with you...

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