Irma Vep

Irma Vep

A Chinese movie actress, in France to star in a remake of "Les Vampires", finds petty intrigues and clashing egos on the set.

A Chinese movie actress, in France to star in a remake of "Les Vampires", finds petty intrigues and clashing egos on the set. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hope H (fr) wrote: Wait --this is a movie? Not a sit com? What a totally lack luster effort, unattractive, uninteresting, and certainly uninspiring. Not to mention the soulless equation of "manhood" with "picking up girls at a bar". Once I had seen the mildly entertaining shopping sequence (which you can watch in the preview) I couldn't summon up the interest to watch any further. I'm sure the slick Gosling character gets his comeuppance, and the husband and wife are somehow redeemed. But frankly, I couldn't give a damn.

Christien T (jp) wrote: Like cutting school and ending up stoned in an unfamiliar place. Or like being stoned in school with a familiar face. Or...

Noah M (es) wrote: Non-jokingly my favorite movie of all time. I have watched it more than 20 times guaranteed. The heart of Doug makes me feel warm inside. His best friend making the jokes of every high schooler ever, and LaFlame finding his spot in the universe again. Truly love this movie. A lot.

danandriyo a (ru) wrote: how a little-known punk rock song can save the world

Randy R (ag) wrote: Australian horror flick about inbred cannibals and the supposedly-extinct Tasmania Tiger. Has some spectacular visuals and nice horror atmosphere, but overall quite tedious and cliche-ridden.

Nick E (fr) wrote: Nicely acted 80's set film. Captures the club scene well and delivers the "on edge" feeling of violence. A few continuity and era specific errors however looking past these it was a very watchable and enjoyable film.

Rachael D (kr) wrote: Best horror/thriller movie I have seen in a very long time. Touches on many uncomfortable subjects such as sexual abuse, pedophilia, physical abuse, and the effect it can have on the mind. This is a tale of horrific abuse and taking revenge afterwards, with twists and turns as you go through the film. It makes you feel emotions that are uncomfortable and makes you think about your perception of what is real and what is not.

William H (br) wrote: Jimmy King isn't alright to me!

Irish E (nl) wrote: I will be the first to admit it, I do not know a thing about Chinese history. If this movie is historically accurate or not, it's beyond me. This is the first movie that I have ever watched with these characters, so I have nothing to compare it to. All that I do know that this is a great movie. It kept me entertained and guessing the whole way. Even though it is almost three hours long, it held my interest the whole time. I had no idea what was going to happen next or how it was going to end. I highly recommend this movie as I add it to my favorite list.

Sarah P (ru) wrote: This was really weird with having the devil in a movie about Santa Claus and also that Santa doesn't live at the North Pole, but a weird cloud floating in space...

Ruben A (nl) wrote: another film my review is overdue from my "want to see it" list of movies i saw not too long afterwards.this gritty little gem follows a mute woman who is raped twice. ince in an alley then again at her home. she gets her vengeance on the second rapist thus awaking her bloodlust to kill men throughout new all leads to a climactic Carrie-esque costume party is very hypnitizing, and gritty its almost unbearable. i totally reccomend to anyone.

Isabelle S (ca) wrote: C' est pas mal, mais il y a trop de longueur.

Blake P (br) wrote: Though often marketed as a parody of ice cold heist film "Rififi", "I Soliti Ignoti" instead is an excellent comedy that has fun with itself and keeps us entertained from the start. None of the actors, with the exception of famous comedian Toto, I ever thought could have such terrific comedic timing, but the cast is game and completely capable. The film has the plot of a simple burglary caper, except the players are a bunch of bumbling thieves (Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Gassman, Carlo Pisacane, among others) that don't seem to have any idea of what they're doing. Accompanied with a jazz score, it's obvious from the start that "I Soliti Ignoti" will include the lush style of a black-and-white film but the fun of a comedy. If anything, it outdoes itself. Monicelli, who is such a fine director, somehow creates characters that are simply horrible people, but they're so lovable that there isn't a second where you hope that they'll get away with the heist. It's obvious that they won't, and the pratfalls they experience are really funny, and together they make a near perfect crime comedy. The writing and acting is so superb, there isn't a doubt in my mind that this isn't an overrated film. The comedy goldmine of the heist itself sticks out in my mind as one of the best scenes in the film "I Soliti Ignoti" works so well because it doesn't take itself seriously. One of Mastroianni and Monicelli's best.

Byron B (es) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this the first time I saw it. James Dean's performance as Jett is my favorite of his feature film roles. However, I thought the age makeup as Hudson, Taylor, Dean, and a few other supporting players age some 30 years was not done very believably. After reading M.G. Lord's The Accidental Feminist: How Elizabeth Taylor Raised Our Consciousness and We Were Too Distracted by Her Beauty to Notice, which recognized Taylor's strong feminine influence through the character of Leslie Benedict, I decided to revisit this epic tale. George Stevens, the GREAT director of many classic films, produced and directed this three and a half hour film, but most importantly he draws some of the best performances out of his three lead actors. Giant refers to the state of Texas, which, in turn, represents America as a whole and, in a way, a country separate from America. Through an inherently human drama we see Texas change from a land of cattle industry to a world of big oil and big profits. What particularly attracts Ms. Lord to this movie adaptation and me too, is that Taylor's educated Leslie slowly civilizes her husband, Hudson's traditional 'Bick' Benedict Jr.. She helps make him more conscientious about a woman's role in the family, about class differences, and about race relations. The world is far from ideal by the end of the story, but with each new generation the film suggests that the hearts and minds of people are slowly moving toward a more loving and just attitude. On second viewing, with a new digital transfer, the age makeup didn't appear nearly as bad, either.

Bryan W (jp) wrote: W: 0. Storyline was okay but not the main actor.

raymond s (us) wrote: I really heart this movie,it was better than Scary Movie 2.

FactionDave 0 (au) wrote: Kevin Smiths universe of crude and explicit jokes are put on stand by for a movie that Is nothing that he's done before and has done since but is one that will stand out in his career of Star Wars and stoner jokes.

Tarl T (gb) wrote: Wow. Just wow. A friend of mine rented this one weekend because he knows I have a thing about clowns. In retaliation to his heartless prank I made him watch the entire movie. Unfortunately that meant I had to watch it as well. The premise of the movie is an absolutely ridiculous "get out of the divorce free" plot and the sights used for shooting look like they used the stage after the porno being filmed there was done for the day. I don't really know how to pick apart everything wrong with this movie so I won't even try. There are some high points as much as it pains me to admit it. The music does have a good "creepy" vibe to it and the face-paint on the murderer was excellently done. Simple yet effective.

Carrie D (au) wrote: Oh how I love thee Colin Firth : )