Iron Doors

Iron Doors

A young man must escape from a mysterious locked vault before he dies of dehydration.

A young man must escape from a mysterious locked vault before he dies of dehydration. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KJ P (ag) wrote: Honestly, I have no idea why I watched this film, but it is one of the worst direct to DVD films that I have ever seen. It's just about teenage nerds who are freshmen in college who are having trouble getting with girls at parties, so they decide to go for older women to get popular. Some of the guys fall for each others moms and the friendship goes exactly where you would expect. It's rude, crude, stupid, unfunny, repetitive, gross, annoying, and anything else that makes a comedy terrible. I did find some scenes to be quite hilarious, for the sole reason that it was far too dumb to not laugh. MILF is half porno/ half bad comedy. I just want these 80 minutes of my life back!

Khurram A (ca) wrote: Sunday was a good combination of Suspense and comedy and was also a entertaining journey...

Supratik M (de) wrote: Forgetting that most of the story has been entirely plagiarized, cutting and pasting scenes from various Hollywood superhero movies, the corny dialogue and dreadful music makes one wonder how this movie became such a huge hit.

Robert B (it) wrote: A mediocre film at best, very Farley rising above that.

Elle M (kr) wrote: Ridiculously sappy and unbelievable. Pretty cast though. Its saving grace? The killer 1990s nostalgic soundtrack.

Buggy B (fr) wrote: This was a pretty good suspense thriller, getting better as the story moved along and containing a hell of a twist at the end. Didn't see that coming. Butler is (nice to look at) and does a good job as a happy family man placed in a desperate situation, when a calculating sociopath (played brilliantly by Pierce Brosnan) kidnaps his young daughter and toys with his wife. At first the kidnappers demands seem standard (money) but they grow increasingly outlandish as the movie progresses until it becomes obvious that he simply enjoys the power that comes along with systematically dismantling their idyllic lives. The viewer is left wondering why until the very end. Enjoyed Brosnan in this role as the bad guy and loved that he kept his Irish accent. Butler has a couple of very emotional scenes that impressed me too. Filmed in Vancouver as Chicago. 9/2/14

Joshua L (gb) wrote: it was kinda funny and kinda cool but kinda weird 2 , not sumthing i can watch over again

Jess L (kr) wrote: Creepy is the word. By today's standards it's pretty tame but this is one weird movie, shot beautifully it is a haunting piece of cinema that keeps you guessing the whole way through whether or not Bunny Lake actually exists. Great build up and even with a somewhat predictable ending this thriller will set the heart off in places. A remake is on the cards so make sure you see the original before the pissy new one that was set to star Reese Witherspoon. Question, why remake old movies when they were so good to begin with? We need more original movies Hollywood! Also, I love the opening titles for this film, Otto Preminger sets the scene for the entire film with the chilling music and simplistic visuals.

Pete Q (ca) wrote: Great movie, hilarious and great action dialogue from Stallone, and a very funny Sandra bullock

James O (nl) wrote: A rather surprisingly funny film and even more surprisingly its Russell Brand who carries the comedy along, even stranger its by playing himself. Easy to watch and the laughs though weak, do continue throughout. Decent effort. Mila Kunis too so y'know...

Richard D (us) wrote: Spielberg is an undeniably great filmmaker, but what his work often lacks is subtlety. He likes to work in big, broad populist strokes, and his approach works best when applied to adventure films like the Indiana Jones series. When he applies his craft to dramatic subject matter, he often lets down the material. This is remarkably not true of "Schindler's List". In telling the story of a morally lax, greedy opportunist who sets out to profit from the circumstances of the Holocaust, but ends up spending his entire fortune and risking his life to save hundreds of Jews who worked for him, Spielberg lets events speak for themselves and avoids crass manipulation. This is one of his best films and possibly the best popular, mainstream film about the Holocaust.

Nick E (it) wrote: It doesn't follow the typical movie conventions and it's quite a unique feat, but that isn't enough to overlook the sporadic editing and lackluster story.