Iron Will

Iron Will

When Will Stoneman's father dies, he is left alone to take care of his mother and their land. Needing money to maintain it, he decides to join a cross country dogsled race. This race will require days of racing for long hours, through harsh weather and terrain. This young man will need a lot of courage and a strong will to complete this race.

His father's demise leaves young Will Stoneman (Mackenzie Astin) and his mother struggling to save their farm from financial ruin. Needing money to maintain it, he decides to join a cross country dogsled race that requires days of racing for long hours, through harsh weather and terrain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (it) wrote: Was interested at first because on the poster it looked like it was some Z grade Expendables ripoff with Rutger Hauer leading a group of soldiers, then I found out it's some shitty post-apocalypse with the misfortune to have Stephen Baldwin in the lead part.The distributors definitely know that no one wants to watch that shit.

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H C (gb) wrote: I had SO much fun at this movie. It is completely ridiculous, and anyone looking for more than that will be disapointed. It almost lost me in the very beginning. The first twenty minutes I was just thinking, "This is retarded." But then, it got EVEN MORE retarded and kinda became awesome. John Ventimiglia was amazing and I'm totally stalking him on IMDB now. Just remember, if you're ever in a play about Hamlet...and the number on this pen!

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Al M (ag) wrote: Mamet's Homicide is true gem, a film that I was not expecting but that blew my mind. Hilarious, existential, clever, and bad-ass, Homicide is police procedural/existential drama that explores the nature of identity and questions whether we can ever truly know ourselves. Joe Mantegna's detective has defined himself as hard-boiled cop (someone out of a film noir police drama) in order to oppose the stereotypes of Jews as a cowardly, selfish people. Hence, during a raid, he is always the first officer through the door. But, after stumbling upon a case involving the murder of Jewish shop-owner with ties to Jewish revolutionaries both in Palestine/Israel and in the United States, he begins to desire an alignment with this identity that he has always shunned. But ultimately Mamet's film demonstrates the manner in which ethnic categories or any socio-cultural division can never truly provide a foundation for our identities. Mamet's film argues that we must learn to create those identities on our own in the face of world that is probably meaningless and cruel. It is a bleak but funny and riveting film with stellar performances from its cast and a blistering script from Mamet.A profound exploration of race as well as a philosophical inquiry into the nature of the self, Mamet's Homicide is action film/cop drama that proves what the genre is capable of.

Graham L (us) wrote: It's been a long time since I've seen it, but I have some recollection of it being a solid thriller.

Taylor G (de) wrote: I like John Singleton. Love Boyz n Da Hood. Shaft was really solid...and I admire the stories he aspires to tell when he writes. I wanted to like this more than I did, but at some points it just stopped being believable.

John R (mx) wrote: I'd want to see it again before I rate.

Daniel R (br) wrote: A boxer and his orangutan travel cross country together and he soon meets a country singer who he (Eastwood) falls in love with. it's one of those silly 80s comedies that is a good gimmick but not much of a complete film.

Rob N (jp) wrote: A linguistics professor who specializes in heiroglyphics is drawn into a crazy spy-game, never quite sure who is on his side and who is against him until the very end. Most of the story involves a variety of characters trying to chase down a coded message and threatening to kill Gregory Peck, except that they all need him alive to decode the message. Sophia Loren is brilliant as she plays the good guys and bad guys against each other all the way through.

Manuel P (fr) wrote: In a world full of awful Disney straight to video sequels, this one feels quite fresh actually. Cruella tries to overcome her obsession and gets a new way to do so as an excuse to get said Dalmatians again, which is acceptable in my opinion to have her back in the story. While Patch's worries on being one of a kind are a bit cliche, I enjoyed said character and everything else this movie offered. Certainly a lot better than most Disney had put out there to milk their franchise.

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