An L.A. cop goes after a gang of murderous drug dealers.

An L.A. cop goes after a gang of murderous drug dealers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ironheart torrent reviews

Eduardo R (jp) wrote: Artistic. Touching. Realistic. Sad. Detachment has it all to succeed...

Don S (nl) wrote: A bit confusing what with two storylines from different times (present and near past), intertwining without any explanation. It eventually comes together to make a modicum of sense and involves major spiritual overtones. Jamie-Lynn Sigler has a girl next-door quality I find charming and refreshing in this day and time. It was worth my time.

The A (ag) wrote: TROPIC THUNDER offers a layered script and hilarious performances from a talented comedic cast.

Nancy C (fr) wrote: The story is interesting and amazing!

Leonardo Malacay S (ag) wrote: si es buena me gusta le hecho de que sea en B/N tiene algunos planos muy bonitos pero la historia es totalmente previsible, me gustan los personajes no de igual manera las actuaciones pero en conjunto es una buena peli, vale la pena verla

Ian R (us) wrote: Not really what I was expecting, which in and of itself is not bad, but in this case, I think the movie kind of fell flat for the first hour or so when all you had was Rourke vying for the oscar with gross makeup and a slurring voice...

Todd M (ag) wrote: This sound track kicks ass - the last song that plays during the credits is not on the record -- a different version of Win/Lose I loved the movie

Nina L (br) wrote: So old fashioned! The 70's orchestral music kills you! The acting is impressing, especially Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn's performances. The plot with the small kid is quite good but it's "dated"...

Frank P (au) wrote: Weird little movie I had never heard of. Possible remake...?

sherry C (kr) wrote: Jan 12 07 Elvis may be gone, but not forgotton

Jeremiah C (jp) wrote: I Liked This Movie So Much

Andrey B (jp) wrote: The legendary summer blockbuster with perfect direction by Steven Spielberg is the true reminder of how a decent blockbuster should be done.