Is Anybody There?

Is Anybody There?

A young boy who lives in an old folks' home strikes up a friendship with a retired magician.

Set in 1980s seaside England, this is the story of Edward, an unusual ten year old boy growing up in an old people's home run by his parents. Whilst his mother struggles to keep the family ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben L (fr) wrote: Everything that is magical about this movie begins and ends with Judi Dench. She is simply perfect in the role of an aging woman who looks back on her life and has only one regret...the child she had out of wedlock that was taken from her. Her determination is amazing, and she constantly surprises you as she says things that seem unexpected for someone her age. Also the way she handles the people that wronged her is so graceful it is very humbling. Her interaction with Steve Coogan is also a treat, since they have very different beliefs and personalities. Sadly, the story is a little weak and never reaches any kind of satisfying conclusion. I also thought some of the acting in the flashbacks was lacking in places. I was certainly impacted emotionally by the movie, but given the story that is almost a foregone conclusion. It hits even harder because this is based on a true story, and this is something that was much more widespread than just this one incident. I wanted to absolutely love the movie, but there was just something lacking. I suspect that a lot of my dissatisfaction lies in the fact that they never explore the ripple effects after Philomena's case is resolved. They set you up by describing how much death and loss came from this situation, but we only get Philomena's closure. I can still say Philomena is a fine film, and I can see why it charmed audiences (particularly because Judi Dench is second-to-none,) but it's exclusively a character drama about the struggle of one person and I wish there was a more far-reaching impact to the story.

Barry T (fr) wrote: A weird story of a witch in the woods that bares no resemblance to what actually happens in the film as a father loses the plot in the woods with his family. I lost the will to live

Will C (jp) wrote: It's not quite sure of what it wants to be, but is an interesting look at the Algieran occupation.

Pat M (kr) wrote: Sweet. Pascua as the main character is convincing as a fledgling member of the third sex; Valentin is quite the hot policeman here.Wondered exactly how Maximo's older brothers exacted revenge on the demise of their father, and if the object of his infatuation ended up corrupt as well.

THG T (ag) wrote: If only my ninja way was in there

Thanasis A (ca) wrote: one of the best comedy-romance ever

Irish E (ru) wrote: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress was a movie about two men sent to the mountains to be reeducated during the Chinese revolution. While there, they meet and fall in love with the little seamstress. They spend much time teaching her how to read by reading forbidden literature to her. I am sure that it would help the storyline if they had some sort of introduction to the film. It would have been helpful if they gave a brief explanation about the cultural revolution, what was going on, and why. There were parts of the film, that I just did not understand, due to my ignorance of that whole era of Chinese history. I found the movie slow and it seemed to drag on way to long. I found myself looking at the clock twice and wondering just how much of the movie was left. This is not really a movie that I can recommend.

Fong K (de) wrote: After the Scream trilogy and those Asian horror movies, it is hard for Hollywood to make something really scary. It is still a reasonably suspensful supernatural thriller. I expected a much cleverer plot. The ending drags a bit for too long. Well the target audience for this genre is the hardest to please. BTW, one of my secret ambitions is to make a scary movie when I am ever so easily scared. I believe there is a pyschological explanation for that.

Don S (ag) wrote: Just horrible. corny writing and poor acting. Impossible plot holes and though I tried to get my wife to turn it off 3 times we stuck to the dreary end. Also one of the most boring car chases in screen history! Avoid at all costs

Edgar C (ca) wrote: Absolutely masterful. Visconti's passion towards the aristocracy and nobility of the 19th Century reaches its highest peak in a biographical epic plagued by castles and palaces, royal costumes, golden scenarios, rituals and ceremonies, literary references, art, theater, and even touches of lust and madness! What a sublime composition for the least appreciated decade of Italian cinema! Destinies colliding, ambitions exploding and meeting their doom, and Luchino behind this opera of sensations. Add to that one of the best male performances of the 70s, especially visibile in the 5th and final part (although I must point out the existentialist and macabre tone that fills the fourth part, which is my favorite). 99/100

Paul C (kr) wrote: As with all the strongest and best loved Carry On' movies this was scripted by Talbot Rothwell who keeps the gags and puns coming thick and fast - featuring a young Amanda Barrie as a sexy Cleopatra!

Orlok W (it) wrote: It may be tripe, but it's GOOD Tripe--Classic cheese!!

Gaming E (jp) wrote: A story that inspired many generations managed to be seen on the big screen.The story is full of suspense...

Ryan C (ag) wrote: I have an in-depth review on my youtube channel Ryan Studios. Check it out.Basically, the movie makes me cry myself to sleep at night

Juan E (kr) wrote: simple and very effective