Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris Burning?

The title is Adolf Hitler's question to his chief of staff Alfred Jodl on the eve of the liberation of Paris (August 25): the military governor of Paris, General Dietrich von Choltitz, had been ordered to destroy Paris rather than let it fall undamaged into the hands of the Allies, but von Choltitz disobeyed.The film follows historical events as U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, head of the Allied invasion, refuses to divert troops to liberate Paris. His hand is forced by the French military leader, Philippe Leclerc, and by a Resistance uprising in the city. Von Choltitz keeps details of the uprising from the German high command in an effort to save the city being destroyed in retaliation. The film follows his turmoil as a soldier and as the man who doesn't wish to be seen by history as the cause of a beautiful city's destruction.

The true story of the departure of the German occupiers from Paris in 1944. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danijel J (fr) wrote: Polish born filmmaker Pawel Pawlikowski continues the tradition of Poles doing films in France and at the same time prolonges his own voluntary exile from the home country with The Woman in the Fifth, a 2011 effort set in Paris. Ethan Hawke plays an American writer Tom Ricks (he speaks a little Franch in this one) who comes to the city to visit his family, or more precisely, a six year old daughter. Right at the beginning we learn he may have lost that right sometimes in the past. There is a brief mention of some sort of mental illness Pawlikowski smartly injects and than lets it linger for a while. When his former wife phones the police, he is forced to leave, just to get mugged soon after. Without the money or clothes, he makes a deal with the owner of some cheep resort to stay there cash - free for a while, under the condition that he surrenders his passport as a pledge. The owner soon hires him to do some shady work for him. Also, two women appear in his life: Ania (Joanna Kulig), a waitress in the resort and Margit (Kristen Scott Thomas), a proffesional muse he meets at a litterarly gathering of some kind. Pawlikowski's picture has a special connection with the proffesion of its main character. More than madness in general, it deals with the specific demons we tend to connect, stereotipicaly or not, with the great minds of the literaly world. The script (based on the book of the same name by Douglas Kennedy) plays on those with the conviction that we, no matter what are interests might be, posses some notion on what their nature might be. The demones in question always tend to be more carnal, the obsession often multiplied. Margit, no matter how you interpret her character, is an unreachable goal for Tom (let not the size of modern skyscrapers confuse you; the fifth floor is still pretty high). She has what Tom the writer wants, but not necesarily what he needs. Manipulative, inteligently seductive and chalenging, she is also the price he has to pay if he wants to pursue his potential greatness. The other of the ladies is the security he can't afford. Choosing her is something which your standard audience member will root for, and find it incomprehensible if the hero lets her slip through his fingers. She is simple, gentle and unthreatening. But wouldn't he find her boring after a while? Wouldn't his dry spell inspiration wise just continue? There are many delicate touches by Pawlikowski; note the way he brings the character played by Kulig to the core of what he's trying to portray. She's like an extra in the beginning. We feel she will remain that way. Than the camera subtly catches her gaze twice in the right time. After that, she become important. The fact that you get all of this out of the story fades under Pawlikowski's intensely objective approach. What comes out is a very taltented storyteller telling an over - calculated story. At the centre, there is an intense personal battle, one you don't feel satisfied waching as a mere passive observer, and yet that's all you end up being. Think of it as Polanski at his coldest directing a Kieslowski film. You will understeand the desired emotional impact of the ending, but it will drain out before you have a chance to remmember the effect it had on you.

Fong K (ca) wrote: David Michd's directorial debut, that about the fall of a closely-knitted criminal Melbourne family, is bold and confident but the artful storytelling is also frustratingly uneven and ambiguous.

Thomas J (kr) wrote: Sometimes I get too lost in a story to see whats ahead. This became a very good thriller for me. A little "Saw" mixed with a little "Seven" and this is what you may get. I think most that do not like the movie are just pissed they did not see what was ahead! Watch the movie for a good and you will enjoy it.... watch it to analyze the "deep meanings" "Saw" and "Seven" had.... you will be disappointed. This fall short of either 2 movies ("Saw" and Seven") but still had just enough to remain entertaining.

Stacey L (ru) wrote: This was fantastic! I saw it on AUSTAR and really want to own it on dvd.

Shannon B (it) wrote: great movie. different

Rachel N (es) wrote: Hilarious! Alan Maher had me in fits of laughter. As for Kate Hudson, her Irish accent was surprisingly believable.

Freeman M (kr) wrote: A pretty forgettable football movie where everyone involved (save Jon Voight) shows how skillfully they can butcher southern accents.

Julie I (kr) wrote: My favorite guilty pleasure! I know that it got terrible reviews, but I always have and always will love this one.

Bert T (de) wrote: Yeah as far as nun sexploitation films go, this is a fine pick, with fine cinematography and a more than decent tit count. Some dull moments here and there though. However, some vry sugesstive ideas - huh.

Jerome M (ag) wrote: Great movie. Very intellectual. Powerful. Excellent interview with the books' author on the video release.

Raji K (br) wrote: Paul Newman is Luke in the film Cool Hand Luke. After cutting of the heads of some parking meters, Luke is sent to prison to work on a chain gang for two years. Under that time he works harshly thrashing, cleaning and tarring road. His cool manner gains him respect among the gang and he becomes the favorite particular with Dragline (George Kennedy). The two form a friendship that has them doing all sorts of things, including betting the whole gang he can't eat 50 eggs. Once Luke's mother dies though, Luke focuses on escaping and the film takes quite a turn. His main nemesis becomes the guard known as the man with no eyes, who constantly wears sun glasses, never speaks and has a cold demeanor. Cool Hand Luke is an incredible film filled with heart and character, and Newman and Kennedy give two of the finest performances I have ever seen. I could have watched them together for another 2 hours and not got tired of it. Cool Hand Luke is one of the best films made and how it was not nominated for Best Picture is beyond me.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Friendly Persuasion is an amazing film. It is about a Quaker family living in southern Indiana during the early days of the civil war. Gary Cooper and Dorthy McGuire give remarkable performances. The screenplay is well written. William Wyler did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Friendly Persuasion is a must see.

Riff J (ru) wrote: What an awesome premise. The movie has quite a few surprises and even manages to scare along the way too. Imho it gets most of it's *'s from the unexpected twists and surprises. This movie is good right up to the last second.

Margarita S (jp) wrote: If you look at this movie as a thriller only, it is exceptional. A young woman and her boyfriend are on a road trip together. When they stop for gas, the young woman disappears. The boyfriend then spends the next three years obsessively trying to find out what happened to her. When he eventually meets the man who had abducted her, he is given a choice - He can either go with the man on the condition that he allows himself to experience what had happened to her or he can walk away / turn the man in, but never know what happened. Viewers are definitely left with a compulsive sense of needing to know and it builds beautifully to a chilling conclusion.