On the eve of the transfer of power over Macao to the People’s Republic of China, a police officer finds himself in the throes of a dreadful crisis – both in his career and in his private life. Already thrown off course for having been suspended on a corruption charge, shortly afterwards, he has an encounter that completely changes his life. Hoping to compensate for his failed career, Shing seeks comfort in the arms of a young girl. He has no more than a one-night stand in mind when he ap­proaches this young woman. but when he gently tries to persuade her to go to bed with him, he is more than surprised at her rebuff. For this elf-like creature named Yan confronts him with the most astonishing news conceivable.

A Macao police officer's bachelor life is interrupted by the daughter he never knew he fathered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (de) wrote: A group murder mystery in the style of saw and exam, this wasn't too bad at all I like when you think you're gonna hate a film and it turns out good. Better than average

Laura S (br) wrote: I liked it a lot. The only issue I had with it was the cliche technique they used that's used in a lot of movies where they make the FBI or other law enforcement look inept and like the criminals are always a step ahead. Case in point...Jem was dressed as a cop and the FBI and cops were all firing on him and killed him. Jon Hamm's character knew he was dressed as a cop but then he just watched as Ben Affleck, also dressed as a cop, drove away in a police car. He didn't even flinch and wonder if maybe that wasn't a real cop driving away. I just think the FBI, in particular, are pretty smart in real life and a cliche in a lot of movies is that they're inept buffoons. It's funny in many movies, but I think it wasn't appropriate to make them look bad in this movie. I realize the criminals in this movie needed to stay free to keep committing crimes. They should have just avoided scenes where the FBI looked like idiots. It would have added more realism to the story.

Michael W (it) wrote: More of a series of short spoofs of various movies, tv shows and commercials so laughs are scattered at best. Ritter in a nod to Three's Company was a nice touch. Presence of 44-inch tv set is not quite as impressive by today's standards.

Han S (ag) wrote: best consumed with AMPLE amounts of MST3K riffing, otherwise... there is not much to say... nice to see there was someone capable of using stolen footage off of Battlestar Galactica, a scifi series that totally would never resurface again... xD

Susan P (es) wrote: Loved this movie, learned so much from it. I didn't really know anything about how Libya was occupied by Italian fascists during WW1. I didn't realize they had concentration camps back then. Saw this on TCM, it was introduced by a professor of Arabian studies, who thought this was the most sympathetic movie towards the Arabian people ever made. It's the only film that shows children being peaceful taught the Koran. Since the Libyans financed the movie, it was branded as propaganda, so it didn't get good reception or distribution. Really, who else was going to tell this story? It was banned in Italy because they couldn't deal with their past, and the professor said it was very historically accurate. Glad I stayed up for it, I never would have heard about it otherwise. Sad, but interesting and moving.

Glen F (nl) wrote: I think the Critics hate it for the same arrogance that art purists were up set when Car designs were discussed as ART. They don't know the subject so they don't like it. The next best classic to Grand Prix. Ask the Gear heads they lovers of Automobiles as Art, business, sport, and general entertainment that this is one of the great Auto movies. In reality it is a 3 to the general public but a 4or 5 to the Gear head.

Dann M (jp) wrote: Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town stands as the best of the stop-motion animated Christmas classics. Featuring the talents of Fred Astaire, Mickey Rooney, and the Westminster Children's Choir, this feature is excellently cast. The story is particularly clever in creating an origin story that interweaves and explains all the elements of the Santa Claus mythology: the red suit, flying reindeer, Christmas stockings, etc. The animation is especially well-done and is charming in an old-fashioned way. Additionally, the music plays well with the story and adds to its enjoyment. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town is an enjoyable romp that sparks the magic of childhood.

Howard E (au) wrote: No literary character has garnered more fascination and fame around the world than Sherlock Holmes. While Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featured Holmes in four novels and 56 short stories, many others have placed their own spin on the world's most famous detective over the years. In these derivative works, we've seen Holmes as a college student, a married man, and even a cartoon basset hound. On the big screen, Holmes holds the Guinness World Record as the "most portrayed movie character", with more than 70 actors playing him in over 200 films dating as far back as 1900.Mitch Cullin's 2005 novel, A Slight Trick of the Mind, forms the source material for the film, MR. HOLMES, starring the great Ian McKellen as the noted super-sleuth. In this pastiche, Holmes has already well retired to a small farm on the Sussex Downs where he has taken up beekeeping. The time is 1947 - making Holmes about 94 years old - and both his health and his memory are failing him. Here, Holmes is a real person whose fame is due to Watson's numerous published books on their cases. Absent, though, are his legendary deerstalker hat and pipe, which, Holmes tells a client, are products of Watson's imaginative license. Amusing!Before it's too late, Holmes decides to set the record straight by penning his own recollection of a particular case - the one that forced him into retirement. Holmes, however, struggles to remember the details and his progress is painfully slow. At the same time, he has a mystery developing with his apiary as more than a few bees have begun to turn up dead. Fortunately, he has a new protg to work with in the person of Roger (Milo Parker), the son of his housekeeper, Mrs. Munro (Laura Linney). The young man is more than keen to learn both Holmes' power of deductive reasoning and his beekeeping skills. Under the summer sun of a green southeast England, the teacher and student form a bond. One rose fades as another starts to come into bloom.MR. HOLMES reunites McKellen with director Bill Condon, who previously worked together in the 1998 Oscar (R)-winning film, GODS AND MONSTERS. (Condon won the award for Best Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published.) In this film, McKellen's immense talent shines bright as the Yoda-like detective/surrogate grandfather. Though only 76 in real life, he masterfully combines the intellect of a logician whose exploits have filled pages of books with the insecurity of an old man who knows deep down that this is own final chapter. Thankfully and wonderfully, young Parker is up to the task of playing opposite such an august actor, and he delivers a solid performance in this, his third film.A sentimental story of aging, friendship and regret, MR. HOLMES is a pure delight to watch. If this would be Holmes' finale, it would be a fitting end.