Isi Life Mein...!

Isi Life Mein...!

Just out of school, a conservatively raised girl experiences changes after moving to a big city.

Just out of school, a conservatively raised girl experiences changes after moving to a big city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony P (ca) wrote: Feel good film based in the picturesque Austrian ski resort of St Anton about a... chalet girl.Not an ordinary chalet girl though. In approximately eight weeks we see the chalet girl in question, a character named Kim Matthews transform from a working class CHAV Cockney being at the beck and call of some snooty banking family to a snowboarding champion getting the bloke in the process. Very Rocky Balboa in unrealism!The scenery is at times breathtaking and could have been taken straight from the opening sequence of James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.Comic Bill Bailey plays a character interestingly called Bill (Kims dad). I had to sympathise with his cooking skills!The film has several sentimental moments as Kim suffers flashbacks of her late mothers death in a horrific car accident. Brooke Shields plays an unsympathetic posh mother who used to be a Concorde air hostess. Bill Nighy is her husband.The only other person I recognised was Neils dad of The Inbetweeners TV series and films.

Juli N (ca) wrote: Major props for the dark atmosphere! Great acting delivered between the 2 leading men! However the treatment and or delivery of the films overall message left much to be desired!

Mlo L (ca) wrote: Funny movie about Greek frat.

Luca D (ca) wrote: Prova a far ridere ma non ce la fa, ci prova con tutti i mezzi ad esser simpatico ma proprio no.Prova ad essere anche un film impegnato ma neppure in questo campo convince; eppure non un film malvagio ed essendo il primo film di questo regista io gli avrei dato una seconda chance (sperando possa migliorare).

Roland S (ag) wrote: dazzling- witty, inventive, and stays just the right side of being pretentious

Samantha C (ca) wrote: I totally LOOOOOOOOOVVEEEEEEE this movie. It first introduced me to the ultra super mega sexxxy Craig Chester:p This movie is so cool it could be president!

Paul J (gb) wrote: Best black and white movie of my generation. Excellent sound track. A cinematic wonder.

Scott C (nl) wrote: I can't even remember Bruce Campbell in it, which means he must not have been used very well.

Timothy S (kr) wrote: There comes a time when every young actor must grow up on film if they plan on staying in the business, and for teen star Molly Ringwald, that transitional film was "For Keeps". There's a lot I admired about the picture, but not enough for me to recommend it. The whole thing kind of goes awry somewhere in the second half. I had to applaud the film for taking itself seriously, for the most part, and not making this a cute and happy film. It's pretty realistic, and it certainly doesn't glamorize teen pregnancy. It shows all of the problems that come from all aspects, and I kind of admired that. Unfortunately, it all falls apart during the second half, and it ends in typically upbeat Hollywood fashion. The couple survives everything that life throws at them in the end, and while much of the film feels authentic, that does not. It cripples the movie, not to mention that the whole thing is just so bland and unmemorable. Ringwald herself is just fine in her role, but co-star Randall Batinkoff is a shining example of the film's rampant mediocrity. He's simply unimpressive, and for that reason, his career never really took off after this high-profile picture. The script, oddly enough co-written by "Police Academy" star Tim Kazurinsky, tackles a lot of serious issues and the word "abortion" is thrown around quite liberally, which is shocking for a movie of this nature. I think I really wanted to like this a lot more than I actually did, but "For Keeps" falters too many times along the way. It's a slight film that slips into "Afterschool Special" territory too often to be entirely successful. Still, it has to be admired for its realism.

Jose Luis M (ag) wrote: Dos mounstruos de la actuacin Henry Fonda y una apasionada Bette Davis en este cl sico melodrama de 1938.

David L (ru) wrote: Fracture is the story of two brilliant minds going head to head in a compelling battle for justice. When Hopkins shoots his wife in cold blood and confesses all to the police, all Gosling needs to do is attend the trial and put him away for good, before advancing to his more prestigious role in a new law firm - easy right? Well things prove to be a little more tricky when there is no evidence to convict anyone of attempted murder. With time against him before starting his new job, and with an ego to be saved, Gosling must wrack his brains to outwit this experienced and cunning opponent, before he loses it all - job, pride and new beau. Despite the fact the innocent and guilty parties are both known from the outset, and we know justice should prevail, one can't help but enjoy the manner at which the arrogance and cockiness of Goslings character is notably brought back down to earth with a bang. You find yourself rooting for both sides to some extent and the unforeseeable nature to which this pans out makes it essential viewing. Hopkins is a master at conveying the psychotic yet intellectually gifted persona ever since his Hannibal Lecter days and that is displayed here once again, providing the perfect contrast to Goslings youthful, eager, but naive character traits. Occasionally you come across a film that totally surpasses your expectations, more so because you've never even heard of it before, so this was a wonderful surprise in the offering and a definite recommendation for all those that enjoy a good crime drama.

Simon P (ag) wrote: I love this film! Pure 80's gold, camp slasher movie that more than makes up for its lack of actual slashing with some beautifully amusing weirdness and the greatest final scene in horror film history. I will also just add that the fact this film did not win (or even get nominated for) the Oscar for Best Costume Design is an utter disgrace!