Islam, antéchrist et jambon-beurre

Islam, antéchrist et jambon-beurre


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Islam, antéchrist et jambon-beurre torrent reviews

Sean T (jp) wrote: Compelling, sharp and well-paced, Looper succeeds as both a high-quality film and a great time.

Donna E (ru) wrote: Wow, the actors playing young and adult Jesco are SO good! Along with the music, and the black and white, this is one crazy intense cringe inducing story!

Mariana C (au) wrote: Macanuda actuacion de Penelope Cruz. Almodovar es ALMODOVAR

David V (au) wrote: Considering this movie was shot with a budget of about $10, I applaud Scott Coffey for this effort. Well written and a brilliant display of making the most out of very few resources. Keep it up Scott!!!

Ryan L (us) wrote: It gets one full star due to the incredible Black Metal soundtrack! That's the only thing that kept me watching.

Shawn W (au) wrote: not my fav type of film, but this is an excellent piece of art

Felice G (de) wrote: Definately in the top 5 saddest films ever! the guy's wife dies so he loses the kids & after years tries to get them back, guaranteed tear jerker

Unca C (gb) wrote: WHAT? Another Cameron Mitchell movie??? Did this guy ever breathe? >huh?< Oh, hi you little Web-addicts! Did -uh- see you there. Time for Unca Chaoz to review another movie. This one is called "Medusa" with George Hamilton and ... (sigh) Cameron Mitchell. [i]Man, this guy was EVERYWHERE![/i] Bad sign #1: George is also the producer.Bad sign #2: His then-wife (Alana Stewart) is also in the flick. Oy - fasten you seat belts. It's going to be bumpy film. Let's start with Georgie's monologue: "Do you believe in reincarnation? I do. Oh, my name is Jeffery (something). At exactly 3 hours ago, I died. That is to say, my body died." ... I actually had to stop the film because I couldn't stop laughing (another first!). So now we have a "Sunset Boulevard" opening. [i]Wunderbar[/i]. Glad I fastened my seat belt. Flashback to Greece and the time that his sister (the lovely Luciana Paluzzi) got engaged. Georgie comes in playing the obnoxious American in full "Las Vegas Elvis" regalia (sans the glitter). I spent the first few minutes of the film slackjawed thinking "This is what Hollywood megalomania must look like." Finally, the movie struggles forward. Seems Georgie is involved in some shady dealings and owes the local mobster (Cameron, of course) mucho dinero (I guess to finance his 'playboy lifestyle'). To make matters worse, Georgie might get cut out of his daddy's will which both Georgie and Cameron can't have. With this rather bare skeleton of a plot, the movie lumbers with Georgie overdoing it at every corner and the not much going on other than various people connected to the will being killed. The middle part of the movie is spent with George and Cameron bickering on how to find the elusive will. There's a couple of twists towards the end, but they're heavily telegraphed beforehand that they provide no surprise. I like George Hamilton during the "First Bite" and "Zorro, the Gay Blade" days. Here he seems like Warren Beatty but sans any subtlety (and that's saying something). The man doesn't just chew the scenery. He also swallows it, leaving the rest of the actors simply to work around him (probably also in real-life since he was bankrolling this disaster). Cameron is effectively hammy as the sick mobster who really enjoys a hands on approach to killing people. One of his better performances (though not Oscar-worthy by a longshot). Paluzzi looks pretty but does little else until towards the end. Alana finally shows up with only 20 minutes left and while she's only modestly attractive, I concede there is some on-screen chemistry when George is with her (which is more than we could say for Lopez & Affleck). Movie quality - well there really isn't any. The story moves confusingly. The suspense is nonexistent. The lighting (which is suppose to be atmospheric) is headache-inducing. One gets the feeling that this entire movie was a tax write-off for George (not bad if you throw in the long Greek vacation). Apparently, he must have learned his lesson because his next producer credit was "Love At First Bite". Honestly, by the end of the movie I was thinking: "Oh, just DIE already." [b][u][i]Fun rating:[/i][/u][/b] 3 - storywise this movie is a turkey. The Mitchell-Hamilton combo of ham acting makes this falls into the "so good it's bad" category. There would be better ratings from that sense if the movie was at least watchable; but it's a snoozer with nothing to even keeping you awake (unless you enjoy seeing George making a complete ass of himself). [b][i][u]Interest rating:[/u][/i][/b] 3 - not much reason to see this mess in any way, shape, or form. George is more irritating than anything else. I couldn't recommend this for anyone unless you want to see what happens when a guy goes apesh*t with control. Hardcore Cameron Mitchell fans (I know you're out there) would probably like it. I would recommend George Hamilton fans (if any) to actually avoid this dog - it's not pretty sight. [b][i][u]TOTAL RATING:[/u][/i][/b] [b]3[/b]

Michael W (es) wrote: Entertaining moonshine entry with independent Robert Mitchum fending off the Federal Revenuers and a mobster attempting to muscle in on his territory. Mitchum seems just right for this one.

Martin O (de) wrote: Pretty cool. Good idea and well executed.

Ivana K (kr) wrote: One star for Dakota's acting, zero stars for the movie

Jorn V (br) wrote: Very good animation movie!!