It Boy

It Boy

Alice Lantins is 38, ambitious and so committed to her work that she neglects her personal life. In short, she is the ideal candidate for the next editor of the magazine Rebelle, or would be were it not for the fact that she appears to be stuck in a rut. When Balthazar, a charming 20-year-old, crosses her path, her colleagues begin to see her in a whole new light...

The thirty-eight year-old ambitious and workaholic editor of the fashion magazine Rebelle Alice Lantins returns from Brazil to Paris and loses her flash memory in the airplane. However, the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate T (es) wrote: Not bad comedy suffers a bit towards the middle when the story stalls for a small spell. Otherwise there are some good yucks here.

Dalia G (br) wrote: ?? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ????? ????????? ?????? ??? ??????? ???? .. ???? ?????

Jackie T (fr) wrote: Really good. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before now.

Lee M (nl) wrote: First-time writer-director Alice Wu has taken the usual romance formula and given it cultural pizzazz.

Greg W (ag) wrote: gr8 cast makes this who done it go

Marcus W (jp) wrote: Astounding film, and the less you know going in the better.

Panta O (ru) wrote: It was interesting... that's the least I can say for the beginning! And now I'll explain to you how I felt after watching this movie... My sister once went to the butcher (somewhere on the Balkan) and the guy sold her "white kidneys" - of course my sister never asked why these "kidneys" were called "white" thinking that maybe the difference is in the colour only... Well "the white kidneys" is the term used in that part of the world for "balls". That's how my sister got "balls" thinking that she paid for kidneys! My feeling after watching this film was almost identical to hers when she discovered the truth about the kidneys! Very colourful, very bold, and at the same time very static. The biggest action was when the headless chooks were struggling over the burning candles almost at the end of the movie. Everything rest was like from the old photo shoots. Maybe some people like movies with no acting and where actors are tools only, but I am not one of them... my first impression of the actors was that they must be a bunch of mentally disturbed individuals! Don't ask for chemistry here - impossible to achieve in this type of movie where everyone and everything is thrown together: Christians, Muslims, Pagans... their beliefs and customs mixed with llamas and lions... in Armenia!

WK J (kr) wrote: Earth is saved by salt.

Art S (es) wrote: There are moments in this film where the straightforward telling of the tale suddenly becomes a bit woozy and wobbly and the supernatural asserts itself. Chalk this up to the incredible performances offered by Walter Huston (as Mr. Scratch) and Simone Simon (as his "friend" Belle, from "over the mountain") - they have their creepy characterizations down pat. The story itself is one we've seen before: a poor farmer sells his soul to the devil and becomes a greedy uncaring bastard. His suffering wife has no choice but to go to the great orator and legislator, Daniel Webster (played warmly by Edward Arnold, after Thomas Mitchell cracked his head open) to try to get the contract over-turned. Bernard Herrmann's score turns intensely weird at times (and won an Oscar). Did I tell you the film takes place in New Hampshire? Of course, it champions the rugged individualism found there but makes a plea for community solidarity too.

Bill T (us) wrote: Pretty odd film here about Aviation Medicine. The whole film centers around a doctor (played by Errol Flynn) developing some way of dive bombing in an aircraft without the pilot passing out. Flynn does have a foil in a pilot played by Fred MacMurrray, but really, WHO was this film made for? Sure it's patriotic enough (and man, if I ever see a plane formation again) and it has it's moments of action, but really.. AVIATION SCINECE? I don't think so.

Eliabeth M (nl) wrote: Big Mac: Times have sure changed. Roy Earle: Yeah, ain't they? You know, Mac, sometimes I feel like I don't know what it's all about anymore.

Tom H (fr) wrote: Great over-the-top thriller with an impressive cast pre-Code thrills, and a little too much comic relief.

Calum R (br) wrote: The Coen Brothers are two very talented individuals when it comes to the ability of storytelling, across a variety of genres, characters and locations, yet each time they seem to be able to pull off the seemingly impossible by crafting a new original piece out of nothing. Whilst I do enjoy other Coen films over 'Fargo', it is nonetheless a riveting and hilarious black comedy that features stellar performances from the likes of William H. Macy and Steve Buscemi, as well as the fantastically quirky Frances McDormand whose awkward performance garnered her an Oscar.With a story that delves into a blend of humour, violence and thrills, the black comedy elements of 'Fargo' make it both a bitter and comedic edge-of-seat thriller with Marge Gunderson's "Oh ya betcha" becoming a highlight over the course of the running time. 'Fargo' is undeniably a fantastic black comedy and one of the Coen Brothers's finest efforts.

Ben T (fr) wrote: An interesting movie that feels the story of one of the biggest pop stars around. I enjoy her music, so I was very pleased with this film. It may be a 3D concert movie, but it also serves as a well crafted documentary that will make you look twice at Katy Perry. This film is a must see for fans of Katy Perry.

Eric B (fr) wrote: Enjoyable hypocrisy. A really amusing satire where you root for the antihero.