It Could Happen to You

It Could Happen to You

Charlie Lang is a simple, kindhearted New York City cop. When he realizes he has no money to tip waitress Yvonne Biasi, Lang offers her half the winnings of his lottery ticket. Amazingly, the ticket happens to be a winner, in the sum of $4 million. True to his word, Lang proceeds to share the prize money with Biasi, which infuriates his greedy wife, Muriel. Not content with the arrangement, Muriel begins scheming to take all the money.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:greed,   police,   hotel,  

A police officer promises to share his lottery ticket with a waitress in lieu of a tip. And he win $4 million on the lottery! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron C (it) wrote: a moving true tale of a streetcat, saved by another. Real tearjerker this one, for this (em)pathetic watcher at least.

Tito S (gb) wrote: Excelente documentrio sobre uma das mais cruis revolues socialistas totalitrias... Obrigatrio.

Sanal R (fr) wrote: Its like living through a nightmare. Quite intense and disturbing.

Lewis E (ag) wrote: Restricted on how high it could score considering it is essentially about crowds of men ogling Marilyn Monroe. Saying that, I would be lying if I said the tallest head and widest grin in the crowd of men didn't belong to me. That's because this film does one thing exceptionally well which is to show why and how Marilyn was so adored. Her soft voice, cute innocence, classic good looks and effortless flirtation are all very convincing, mostly due to the acting talents of Michelle Williams. Though the narrative and majority of side-characters draw little attention, it is the successful portrayal of Marilyn Monroe which gives the movie purpose. Despite having little knowledge of her work, 'My Week with Marilyn' makes it easy for the current generation to see why she was an American treasure....from the male point of view at least.

Purek T (nl) wrote: Better watch it ppo.J-Lo doin her stuff,like owez!

Sarah J (mx) wrote: Nice twist at the end.

Isabelle W (br) wrote: De uma grande sensibilidade.

Hanta T (ca) wrote: Hot. Hilarious and a Happy Ending :) what more can you want? Even though it is a sequel, it doesn't let us down with the production, story and having the same cast is a bonus PLUS Queen Latifah?! = perfect. My absolute favorite part is Eve and bright blue eyes in the backroom, then in the car. It's cute and softcore raw.

Jamison R (us) wrote: a crazy movie filled with young stars. These teens enter a world they're not prepared for and get more than they planned

Asa K (mx) wrote: Cute Movie :) Not much with it

Andr (kr) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 08.09.2002

James V (ag) wrote: 18%? " I knew you'd say that!" People just do not understand this movie. If it didn't take itself so seriously, it may have been better reviewed. Still, great pulp SciFi (despite Rob Schneider).

Lanky Man P (es) wrote: Not my favorite out of the three.

Private U (br) wrote: A good mafia/heist film for its time. Cassavetes and Falk are great, but Eckland is pretty bland.

Luc L (nl) wrote: A good comedy. Buster Keaton performed some dangerous stunts.

Henry M (mx) wrote: Yet another brilliant performance from Leonardo DiCaprio. This film is entertaining from start to finish with a story that'll thrill you to say the least. Steven Spielberg delivers yet another sensational film through excellent storytelling and it's easy to love it.