It Happened in Broad Daylight

It Happened in Broad Daylight

Es geschah am hellichten Tag is a German black and white film depicting the dramatic story of the search for a children murderer.

Having doubts about the guilt of the obvious suspect in the murder of an eight year old girl, a police detective decides to investigate the case on his own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberly K (es) wrote: This movie was so good! I was a blubbering mess by the end, but I encourage all to watch it. R.I.P. Anton Yelchin you were a great actor.

Mallory A (ca) wrote: Herzog takes us deep into Russia's wilderness and frigid winter with trappers. Beautiful and chilling.

Sara H (kr) wrote: Really good movie, the set and costume design were so rad. A bit too long and slow in some parts, but overall really entertaining and visually awesome. Try to see this one

Jessica L (de) wrote: I love Woody Allen films and I hadn't heard about this one until just now. I am so excited to see it!

Jaden H (es) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!

bitching o (fr) wrote: idk if i really want to see this movie

S E (de) wrote: Satish Kaushik's Milenge Milenge should go down in the annals of history for being the perfect throwback to the 70s in the 21st century. And I don't mean that in a good way. Lets begin with its "inspiration" from Serendipity(2001). Now while that was a passably likable movie , a clichd plot, dull songs, and tired performances ensure that all similarities end there. The same old hero , with the same old "devil may care" attitude, that supposedly makes him cool, the same old heroine, with her "someone somewhere is made for me" attitude and a bunch of geeky , dorky friends, who lack even an ounce of character, and nothing more than props make this excuse of a movie more unbearable than it was meant to be. I looked hard for a single frame in the movie that would interest me or seem logical, but I failed miserably. The entire premise of the movie is a joke. Why an audience would want to accept a person who wants to make fun of someone's beliefs and plays cruel practical jokes as a protagonist is beyond me. To add to it, the music is slow, boring and soulless. The performances are pathetic, and absolutely unconvincing. Both Kapoors look like they were on their way to mainstream good cinema, and got lost. No one else is even worth a mention. Oh and did I mention a certain comic character who is supposed to be funny because he has a South Indian accent? Not his character, not a situation, but his accent. I thought we had left the 1970s behind. Clearly Satish Kaushik wasn't given that update. All in all, Milenge Milenge na hi mila toh behetar hai.

Nikolas G (gb) wrote: a movie like a document ...Tough places , old cars , villages destroyed ..death and life ,but in a natural phenomenon like an earthquake so you can find hope

Steven C (au) wrote: The Merchant-Ivory adaptation of E.M. Forster's "Howards End" is a flat out masterpiece. It's the perfect storm of literature, production design, ensemble acting, costumes, lavish cinematography and beautiful dialogue. The film is emotionally resonant, existentially complex, and profoundly thrilling at times. For a two and a half hour film, the pacing is engaging and lively thanks to the precisely placed camera and magnetic performances. This is tremendous filmmaking.

Ryan W (gb) wrote: Talk Radio is a unique film about a Howard Stern-esque radio personality who is hated by many but is on the verge of being a nation wide entertainment icon. Although the true thrills are in the callers who call into his show such as a rapist, a murderer, a stalker and so on. I felt Oliver Stone knew excactly how to get the audience want to watch til the very end even if the ending could have been more powerful in a cinematic sense. The end of the story is a very power ending, don't get me wrong. However, it could have been filmed better. Otherwise, the film is an absolute thrill and you'll love it!

Gabriel C (ca) wrote: Sixteen Candles is an timeless 80s gem with witty dialogue and charming performances from Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall.