It Happened on July 20th

It Happened on July 20th

A dramatic reconstruction of the July 1944 attempt by German Army Officers to assassinate Hitler with a bomb and end the war before Germany was totally destroyed.

A dramatic reconstruction of the July 1944 attempt by German Army Officers to assassinate Hitler with a bomb and end the war before Germany was totally destroyed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart B (nl) wrote: An amazing insight into photo journalism. Have loved his work for so many years and now hearing the stories behind the photographs makes you realise the trauma that he went through to bring such powerful images to the public.

Gary M (de) wrote: This was actually funny. Grade:C

Lysann B (br) wrote: Watching this film hurts. It's pure pain - uncomfortable, deep, unbearable pain. Don't be mistaken - Kaurismki didn't want to entertain you with black humour in this film, he didn't want to entertain you at all. He wants you to feel commiseration (a feeling we seem to have left behind in the 20th century). And he wants you to feel for one hour everything Koistinen feels in every minute of his life: loneliness, dissapointment and failure. It is probably a movie you never want to watch again, but you should do it once and a while, just to remember how compassion feels.

Ashleigh S (fr) wrote: Magnificent animation. How artists are trapped by themselves while at the same time only husks of their old selves.

Kirk E (es) wrote: Kinnear is fantastic in this disturbing portrait of vanity and obsession.

Jacob B (es) wrote: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' overlong runtime makes this a rather exhausting sit-through but a slightly darker tone, captivating performances and story as entertaining as its stunning visual effects allow this movie to remain another entertaining entry in the Harry Potter film series.

shashank b (ru) wrote: Hritik Roshan's best! SuperB acting! No one could have done it exept Vidhu Vinod, He has been brought up there.

Hector C (es) wrote: muy divertida mu gusto mucho

syed sarfraa a (au) wrote: it was not a great film but a feel good movie

John F (ca) wrote: I'm a fan of Kenneth Branagh, however the affected accents and campy sensibiity of his view of both the American and German characters he plays get in the way of what this movie could have been.

David G (mx) wrote: Okay thriller from the '70s. It starts out kind of interesting but for a 90 minute movie it really drags. The two main girls do good, but the script could have used a little work. Overall I can't say it impressed me too much because some of the plot points it uses have been done to death. That's not really the movies fault considering it was made before a lot of those plot points were cliches.

Jeremy N (ru) wrote: A brilliant western which sees Kirk Douglas seeking revenge on the men who raped and killed his wife. Unfortunately one of the men is the son of an old friend! An excellent script, great direction and some superb, believeable acting help make this one of the most interesting westerns ever made.

Carlos M (de) wrote: A strong character study with a fantastic performance by Tom Hardy, despite its excess of exposition and a director who doesn't seem to trust his own capacity to keep us involved with a minimalist story and so tries everything to create a sense of movement with his restless camera.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Pretty much the greatest thing that's happened to the zombie apocalypse genre since Romero's 1985, "Day of the Dead." The Battery captures more interesting dramatic human moments in under two hours compared to what AMC's "The Walking Dead" STILL has yet to achieve once in over 6 seasons...

Chaplin T (de) wrote: ? "In an act of vengeance, a young man, randomly kills two police officers" If it's an act of vengeance, how can it also be random? Revenge is not a random act

Bruce20 W (us) wrote: The conclusion to the Lord of the Rings is visually stunning, and its keeps you watching the whole four hours.