It Happens Every Spring

It Happens Every Spring

A scientist discovers a formula that makes a baseball which is repelled by wood. He promptly sets out to exploit his discovery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faris A (ag) wrote: great movie to watch

Jonny P (us) wrote: "Detachment" is an honest and depressing look at the state of public education, the mislead prioritizing of standardized test scores, and the frailty of human life. It is an odd film, erratic at times and raw in its portrayal of communities with a low socioeconomic status. The documentary feel enhances the realism of the story. You don't feel as if you are watching characters - you feel as if you are watching real kids with real problems. Unfortunately, this style requires the film to move slowly and without much action, so it does turn into a very long 100 minutes. The story centers around Adrien Brody, who plays a substitute teacher that reaches out to these kids on a level that they can understand. Unlike "Stand and Deliver" or "Lean on Me," Brody has his own circumstances that stand in the way of his success. Pieces of this film are predictable because the story so accurately portrays the daily encounters of teachers in their classrooms. The highlight of the film is Lucy Liu as she shows the frustration with misled students that teachers cannot ever reveal. I was also quite taken with Sami Gayle, who acted beyond her years in this role. "Detachment" moves at a snail's pace and will likely ruin your night, but any person involved in public education will be able to relate to these characters on a deep level.

Stanley H (fr) wrote: Good Thai horror/comedy movie.....I Love it!!

Jordan P (de) wrote: Quite possibly the worst pile of camel dung ever to splatter into cinema.

Josh B (gb) wrote: This was really, really bad. When I read the description, I thought it was going to be a comedy. It sure as hell wasn't funny (maybe in a bad sort of way).

Danny M (mx) wrote: Good film. It's quite old now but I still like it. It's well done and there's a lot of heart to it

Asahel A (de) wrote: Es una historia poco convecional de la segunda guerra mundial que nos muestra a Josef y Marie que harn literalmente hasta lo imposible para poder permanecer con vida en estos duros tiempos que afectaron a todos incluso a ellos que no era judios y se supone no deban temer a los nazis, el fotografa es esplendida y la banda sonora es exquisita, las actuaciones son potentes y el desarrollo de los personajes nos hace creer que los conocemos desde hace mucho tiempo, es una grata sorpresa del cine Checo.

pj s (us) wrote: I thought it was a delicious period romance although Billie Piper was all wrong.

Sean G (kr) wrote: Orwell's character driven novel brought to you by excellent cast.

Matthew C (au) wrote: Great movie that gives us a more graphic insight into the means and ways the Catholic faith was spread.

Josh C (jp) wrote: Amazing. Inspiring. Pure Stallone.

Preston L (br) wrote: This version of Hamlet is a filmed version of the 2008 cast of the Royal Shakespeare Company production. It stars David Tennant as Hamlet and Sir Patrick Stewart as both Claudius and the ghost of King Hamlet. The plot, for those of you who at this point have somehow missed it is this. Hamlet's father Hamlet, King of Denmark, is found dead. Hamlet returns from school in Wittenberg for Hamlet's funeral and discovers that Hamlet's Wife has remarried Hamlet's brother Claudius making him Hamlet's step-father. Hamlet then sees the ghost of Hamlet who tells Hamlet that Hamlet was murdered by Claudius. Hamlet seeks to avenge Hamlet's death by murdering dear old uncle-dad. Did you follow all that?Things I Liked:David Tennant. Now this is a Hamlet I can get behind! Tennant soars as Hamlet playing a quirky and interesting dynamic between Hamlet's "madness" and his more lucid moments, the speeches and soliloquies are thoughtful yet not overdone and he really stands out without trying to be a leading man in a film. David Tennant is spectacular in this version and I can only imagine what seeing him live must have been like.Patrick Stewart. Sir Patrick Stewart is a legend and he reminds us of why here. His portrayal of both Claudius and Hamlet's Ghost are distinct and interesting and each have their own power. They take control of scenes and they harness a lot of moments that really soar sometimes even above Tennant's performance. The work Stewart does is a magnificent array of emotion and expressions, some subtle some broad and all interesting.The Tone. While it has it's darker and it's more depressing moments, this Hamlet plays a lot with the humorous moments. Polonius is a great source of comic relief and Tennant's madness is not overdone and is a bit clownish which really helps to keep you interested as opposed to many grim and troublesome variations of Hamlet. I was so delighted that this one allowed humor in and quite a bit. It made the movie much more enjoyable.Things I Didn't Like:Ophelia. Mariah Gale as Ophelia fell a little short in this one. She wasn't very memorable or interesting and fell by the wayside and when she finally has her tragic fall into madness, it isn't something that grabs at your heartstrings because you find you do not care about her the way you should.The setting. The way the film is set up feels like too many different places. It feels like the world is disjointed from itself and never appears cohesive. It has a very stylistic approach which makes sense with it being adapted from a play. But overall there are moments that seen a little out of place and it can be distracting at times.Overall. Overall this version is my favorite so far. Tennant and Stewart carry a film that I feel captured the tone of the play very well and the script's cuts make it feel as though nothing is missing. There are issues with the star power overshadowing the other characters, most notably Ophelia and the setting seems odd and sometimes distracting. But the story is the true star and the actors bring it out in a wonderful way.

Brendan M (kr) wrote: Absolutely awesome. Comedy, pedal to the metal excitement, sly social commentary (that 1/3 of these reviews seem to have missed unfortunately), what more could you want?It's true, Attack the Block has characters that are unlikeable...if you stop watching in the first 10 minutes. The protagonists are 15 year old kids from a rough neighborhood. If you refuse to empathize for even an hour and a half, that's your own problem.Ok this movie is geared towards a younger audience. Do not come here for a horror movie. You will not get one. Do not come for insightful comedy. This is teenage stoner humor and one liners. Again, these are 15 year old kids trying to figure out what they're doing. Ever stop to consider that there's a person inside that "thug"?

Andy P (jp) wrote: Post 9/11, the film takes on an entirely different meaning and role. But still, it is a decent action film.