It May Be Love But It Doesn't Show

It May Be Love But It Doesn't Show


Salvo e Valentino sono due amici che hanno una piccola società di servizi per il turismo. Il loro mezzo, un restaurato e coloratissimo autobus inglese di qualche anno fa, trasporta i turisti tra i monumenti di Torino. Valentino è abbastanza timido e riservato, mentre Salvo è parecchio intraprendente e sfacciato. Alle loro dipendenze c'è Natascha, una giovane e bella guida turistica, che non conosce però nessuna lingua straniera. È chiaro, quindi, qual è stato il criterio di selezione e, soprattutto, chi è stato il selezionatore! Valentino ha una relazione stabile con Gisella: la sua fidanzata storica, che ama di un amore morboso, totalizzante e oppressivo. Quando la storia arriva al capolinea, entra in gioco il fidato amico Salvo, con l’obiettivo di trovargli una donna che lo faccia tornare a vivere e a sorridere. Per contro, Valentino vuole mettere fine alla vita scanzonata e frivola di Salvo, e anche lui vuole trovare la compagna della vita all’amico e collega di lavoro... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff B (br) wrote: Piss...pun intended!

Dave M (nl) wrote: Yeah it's the kiwi Napoleon Dynamite, but the first time I saw Napoleon (before the world beat the poor dead horse) I laughed my ass off. This one isn't as laugh out loud funny, but it definitely has more than one hysterical moment. Probably should be seen with multiple people who share the same sense of humor, and probably with multiple viewings. All in all it's very sweet and of course, awkwardly amusing.

Ken S (it) wrote: Nothing special, but has some decent laughs thrown in. Oddly enough I could have done with more Bonnie Hunt. The script is uneven, as is the direction. Amy Sedaris is hilarious in her one scene, but that's not unusual for her. I think the movie tried to be quirky and tried to mimic the style of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm (in which writer/directer/star Jeff Garlin is a cast member/producer) as well as every other awkward quirky indie movie...and the attempt falls rather flat. Luckily, while the film isn't that great, the short running time means it doesn't overstay its welcome, and I didn't leave it feeling like it was a total waste.

Luke B (gb) wrote: The film is dissapointing as it never quite captures the atmosphere of countless other Asian horrors. The film comes off looking like some second rate gritty 80's production. There are a few nice ideas, and since the film is made of three shorts you can take them at your leisure.

Aaron Q (it) wrote: I definitely wouldn't say this is a good movie, but it was really fun. Imagine a cross between The Matrix, if it were made in the early 90s with a really low budget, and Army of Darkness. A lot of classic Bruce Campbell-esque one-liners are missing, which is unfortunate. The story is weird enough and the gore is cheesy and plenty enough to make this a really hilarious, enjoyable watch.

Tico P (us) wrote: The true story that shocked the world. Reverend Jim Jones and his followers moved to Guyana and created a possible Utopia, that lead to the biggest mass suicide in history. Over 900 people took their own lives as the drank a holy potion , Kool Aid spiked with cyanide. Women and children first of course and finally Jim Jones with a bullet to the head. The holy temple, community was named "Jones town". This is a TV production from the 80's, aired as a two part miniseries. The cast is incredible: Powers Booth as the Reverend Brad Dourif as the saved junkie and temple follower. Irene Cara (Fame) Ron O'Neal (Superfly) Ned Beaty Meg Foster Randy Quaid as the sleazy sidekick Michael C. Gwynne as Larry King. This is a well acted series full of character depth and above average production values for its time. It can be found on DVD dirt cheap. For those interested, check out also "Guyana, Cult of the Damned". This one is a Mexican exploitation version of the true story directed by Rene Cardona Jr, who also directed "Survive", about the survivors in the Andes mountains plain crash that had to result to cannibalism to survive. "Please, women and children first. You are not committing suicide! You are entering the afterlife in paradise!" Or as I would say: "Drink your Kool Aid kid!"

Benjamin W (ru) wrote: A film directed by Rolan Emmerich with military soldiers facing off against aliens. No, this isn't "Independence Day", but you can certainly tell where a lot of the ideas paralleled. I suppose my expectation was a little different considering I had seen a few episodes of "SG-1" back in the day, because I did not expect it to be almost entirely set in "Egypt".However, I did appreciate the subtle nod to chiseling out the blocks for all the neat Egyptian architecture by putting the alien planet in the "Caelum" constellation, since "Caelum" translates to "Chisel."

Caleb L (us) wrote: The Joker is the greatest villain ever. I have trouble sleeping at night. The action and darkness is also what makes this great.

Dave R (gb) wrote: Well it wasn't the best movie I have seen it had its moments mind you but it's a ruff comedy that's for sure but it make good in the end

Steve D (ag) wrote: film is weaker than the sum of its parts. The acting is fine but the script does not do enough to make you care about its characters (which should have been easy).

Loring P (de) wrote: Rosemarie Dewitt is ??, but mumblecore is ultimately not my jam.