It's a Lot

It's a Lot

British comedy about an unpopular and uncool student who decides to hold a massive birthday party in his rich parents' house as a way to win the heart of the hottest girl in his college class.

Shaun's a lucky boy - growing up he's had the right education, parents that loved him and he's never been short of cash. But as he gets older, he finds he doesn't fit into this world, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mike m (ca) wrote: Imagine a scenario -you are in a foreign country with crooked cops, running from the CIA. You've lost your phone and your wallet. Worse yet your family has been kidnapped. This movie has a terrific all star cast, wonderful Madrid setting and lots of action. The script is slightly predictable and kind of unrealistic. All in all it was a very entertaining movie.

Jim B (it) wrote: For as serious as this movie could have been, Solos attitude towards everything going on around him was infectious. Did Souleymane Sy Savane even get an oscar nod?

Byron B (ru) wrote: Reminded me of Disney's romantic Paperman from last year. Pixar applies faces to inanimate objects around a city. It has a creative visual aspect to it, but the love story was nothing special.

Charlie G (au) wrote: Thought this one was very cute. A hug yourself kind of movie.

MEC r (kr) wrote: This was not a good film.

Jason M (gb) wrote: This and "A League of Their Own" are the two baseball movie standouts from this period in the 90's, when a lot of the others were glib and not very entertaining.

Kevin L (es) wrote: Given that it's presently January, my thoughts turn to baseball, so I pulled up this one. It's pretty mediocre. The plot has a lot of possibilities -- a MLB'er trailing off in his career, and getting traded to a Japanese team. But the scenarios played out in this one are a bit tame. Dennis Haysbert is a standout, however.

Lars M (us) wrote: So freaking clever, gorgeous to look at and Hoffman is magnificent as the wreck of a spy Gunter. I just love the whole spyworld without all the polished shit you find in Bond and MI5 - It's a shit job, that tears at your soul, but you keep doing it 'cause you are compelled. This is a heavy viewing, but satisfying and one that stays with you.