It's All So Quiet

It's All So Quiet

The story of a farmer, Helmer, who realizes that his life has been influenced to an unhealthy extent by his aging father. An adaptation of a bestselling and critically acclaimed novel by Gerbrand Bakker.

A middle aged farmer, living with his old and bedridden father, tries to find truth in life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


It's All So Quiet torrent reviews

Scott A (us) wrote: Jessica Chastain is phenomenal in this.

Anna B (mx) wrote: I caught the very end and very beginning of this movie, and gods. SO. MUCH. DRAMA. I need to watch the whole thing, because it's glorious.

Benjamin S D (ru) wrote: Love Love LOVE this movie! Ridiculously amazing cast that pulls off so many of the elements you want to see in a film: funny, heart-warming, exciting, beautiful and true to life. Saw it with both friends & family - everyone enjoyed it!

Kyle C (nl) wrote: I'm blue, and it's not because this movie was bad, it's because everything is blue. Holy smurf, what a smurfing movie, this is one smurf of a movie, I've been smurfed. Ok, that's enough. What can I say, it's cute, Smurfland is very well created and brought to life, Katy Perry's cuteness rings through as the voice of Smurfette and what can I say about Hank Azaria as Gargamel, he is one crazy mother smurfer ;)....Is it good or bad when the funniest character is the cat Azrael, well normally that's not a good thing but here it works, that cat gets a lot of and almost all of the laughs. It's a family movie, the kids will like it, the adults will laugh enough so I say this is RECOMMENDED.

Alex D (br) wrote: i like depressing drunk guys who say clever stuff a lot. good movie. good musics.

Larry R B (de) wrote: Silly! Seagal playing an archeologist from Yale of all things!! Fight scene just to have fight scenes! Nudity was really unnecessary!! I watch Seagal's moves now to chuckle at!!!

Ilene B (fr) wrote: Makes the US look not so bad. very depressing but eye-opening.

Rodman A (jp) wrote: An aesthetically superb and entertaining comedy. Its absurd story and theatrical feel was charming. Definitely one of my wow category films.

Kyle W (us) wrote: The only flaws with this movie was the acting could have been better from a certain character and the cgi effects were practically on par with syfy. Other than that though it was a solid entry in the overall series.

kristopher q (ru) wrote: funny take on relationships. written and directed by one of my comedy heros

Ennis Brokeback L (fr) wrote: Not one of cronenbergs best. I only recomend this film to true cronenberg fans that just want to see his full filmography.

Cita W (br) wrote: A very powerful drama about the tough life of two women during the World War II in Italy. Stunning performance from both Sophia Loren and Eleanora Brown. Couldn't have asked for a better performance than this.

Tim V (au) wrote: Even though it reeks of being a propoganda film its so well acted, so well crafted and shows off Canada so well it is a must see. Best for those familiar with western Canada so you can see what 70 years of industrialization has done to the country. The shots of Lake Louise and Banff are very telling.$8 worth of movie.

Dan G (mx) wrote: Marshall P. Knutt vs. the Rumpo Kid.........sounds gay

Jonathan B (au) wrote: Well, yes, 2 stars is perhaps a little unfair as I actually did (secretly) quite enjoy this movie but if you see the movie poster, you kind of know everything you need to know. If I'm honest, I couldn't understand a word Sylvester Stallone said the entire way through it and that probably counted in its favour. The plot is complete pantomime to the point that I wouldn't have been surprised had Eric Roberts appeared with a flash and cloud of green smoke and proceed to tie the token female to some train tracks. There are a lot of explosions, some fairly pointless running around, some hideously clichd portrayals of South Americans, probably a huge number of inaudible swear words and a hideous amount of knife based violence. The movie certainly doesn't add anything to the medium but really just serves to swell the coffers of the ageing action-hero hip replacement fund. They're all in it. Even Dolph Lundgren who plays some kind of homicidal maniac that goes on the most inexplicable story arc throughout the film. There is one little chink, one shining example of brilliance, that actually pulled me up momentarily, provided by Mickey Rourke. He gives one speech in a small scene that really shows what a fine actor this man is and highlights how wasted he is in this kind of drivel. They've squeezed two further sequels out of this format. I shudder to think...but I expect on a sleepless night, when there's no new episodes of The Great British Bake Off to catch up on, I'll be tempted to see just how bad this series can get.