It's Free for Girls

It's Free for Girls


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Will C (mx) wrote: The effects are good but the story is terrible. This movie is garbage.

Barry T (fr) wrote: A stellar cast from Minghella to Long. Tatum to Dawson do not make a good film. Its reminescent of a brat pack movie but with no wit or charm. A bunch of freinds reunite and each has a story strand. Watchable never the less

Tjardus G (it) wrote: PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE (3.5 stars out of 4, review by Tony Norman):"The two young actors at the heart of this romance ... have genuine on-screen chemistry that puts every other pairing on screen this year to shame."

David W (de) wrote: Could have been better.

Raji K (it) wrote: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-star in Baby Mama. Fey is Kate, a hard-working single woman that is in her late 30s. She is feeling it is time to have a kid, but when her adoption request is denied, and she finds out she is unable to conceive herself, she decides to go through an agency to have a surrogate mother. Insert Angie (Poehler) who is far from being a conventional mother. Angie is low-class and does not exactly see eye to eye. The two constantly butt heads as they constantly are at odds on how they should be taking care of the bun in the oven. When Angie's boyfriend Carl (Dax Shepard) and her break up, the two-start living together and the tensions between each other rise. To relieve some of the pressure try and get out more, which includes a scene with both of them being absurd at a night club, and Kate eventually dating Rob (Greg Kinnear). The movie unfolds in a pretty predictable finish. Baby Mama is a sub-par comedy that relies all too heavily on you loving Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The two play their typical characters where Tina Fey seems a bit pretension and a go getter, and Poehler is everything but that. The comedic moments in the film are too far in between and a majority of them are featured in the preview. This fan may be enjoyed by some, but can be skipped by most, even if you are moderate fans of the stars, which is why I was drawn in. -1.17.2017

Richard L (nl) wrote: In my opinion, this is the worst installment in the Species series. The special effects are lousy, the acting is laughingly bad, the attempt at being existential fails completely and the storyline makes no sense. Overall, it feels like a confused, cheap patchwork from other Species movies.

Mike S (br) wrote: Aimless and not funny

Justin O (ca) wrote: Seagal ain't the best actor, but man, does he really suck at directing.

Adam F (mx) wrote: I don't care what you say, stuntsploitation films are freaking awesome!

Matthew R (ag) wrote: A good kids movie with references to classic universal monsters such as the wolfman, invisible man, frankenstein and Dracula. My son enjoyed it and I liked it as well. However, I do not like the trend of having celebrities voice act rather than actual voice actors - I could totally tell it was Adam Sanford, David Spade, and Kevin James. Sandler tried to speak like the classic Dracula voice but it ends up being a lame impression.

Dimity P (nl) wrote: Meh...I thought I would enjoy this movie now that I've had my share of post-college malaise, but it fell pretty flat for me. I enjoyed the 1990s flashback but I think there's something special in it for Gen-X's that's not there for Millenniums or whatever the hell us mid-80s babies are.

Jessica H (it) wrote: Looks like a complete rip-off and waste of time.

Bill M (ru) wrote: 1 and a half is a kind rating. This film isn't great - the storyline is dull, unoriginal and Herbie doesn't seem to be the same bug you could love.