It's Kind of a Funny Story

It's Kind of a Funny Story

A clinically depressed teenager gets a new start after he checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward.

A clinically depressed teenager gets a new start after he checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (ag) wrote: In "Nobody Walks," Martine(Olivia Thirlby) travels to Los Angeles where she stays with Miriam(Rosemarie DeWitt), a psychologist and friend of a friend. Actually, her business is with Miriam's husband Peter(John Krasinski), a sound engineer, who is helping her with her artwork. Otherwise, everybody is busy. Kolt(India Ennenga), Miriam and Peter's teenage daughter, is ignoring Avi(Sam Lerner) in favor of nursing a crush on David(Rhys Wakefield) while she also takes Italian lessons. And Martine has her hands full with Billy(Justin Kirk), a particularly troublesome patient. "Nobody Walks" is a well-photographed film wherein I learned something about sound engineering for films. It also sports a very good cast, especially a usually underutilized Olivia Thirlby in the lead. It also has a sluggish pace. That might be to cover up how little it really has to say on the subject of how women are sexually harassed everyday. Part of that is due to a half-hearted approach that begins awkwardly enough with the opening sequence between Martine and a fellow passenger that because the movie joins them mid-conversation only serves to confuse matters. Plus, Martine is cast in the cliched role of domestic intruder, thus implying that some of it is actually her fault.

Christopher S (mx) wrote: Another Sci-Fi Channel crapfest not worth your time. You'd think a movie about a rampaging grizzly bear would at least manage some meager cheesy entertainment value, but no - annoying characters, slow-paced plot, awful special effects. There's surprisingly few grizzly attack scenes, most of the time it trudges through some bland, toothless survivalist suspense scenes. A total waste of time.

Steve H (it) wrote: An intriguing psychological thriller that explores the effects a rampant serial killer has on a religious community. Character actor Wilford Brimley brings a respectable presence to this strong film.

Luke C (it) wrote: beautifully filmed and acted

Luke M (ca) wrote: Fantastic Film. If anyone wants to see Malcolm's tram up close, it is located at the Tramways Museum at Bylands, Victoria, Australia.

Bruno L (de) wrote: It was ok. It reminds me of "Lolita". The beauty of Rio de Janeiro is heavily emphasized as well it should be. However, there are a bunch of things which not match with what actually happens in Rio. First of all, I'm sorry guys, but NO! It's very rare to see topless girls in Brazil's beaches and nobody keeps dancing samba all the time while in the beach. Second, it showed many aspects of African culture which is mostl located in the northeast of Brazil and Rio is in the southeast. And what's up with the really old cars?!?!

Michael S (br) wrote: One of cinema's most unconventional love stories is also one of the most touching and authentic I've ever seen. A simple and sweet little triumph from Fassbinder, with Brigitte Mira giving a completely unforgettable performance.

Noel K (br) wrote: A beautiful black and white moive depicting the bleak circumstances of Japanese soldiers during the tail end of WWII. It is a depressing film directed by Kon Kichikawa and penned by his wife Natto Wada based on a book Nobi.

Melissa M (it) wrote: Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's good. But I do like the dance on the walls/ceiling part.

Karla M (us) wrote: If we could give negative number this movie would be -10. I am not sure how Ben Kinsley agreed to be in this movie. Its beyond bad. The story, the fake dub, the appearance as if the movie as it was made in the 70's ... to many things going wrong here.

Jordan P (ca) wrote: It boasts a few modern twists and impressive special effects, but this third-take Carrie mainly offers a scene-by-scene carbon copy of the original that fails to wring many fresh ideas out of its dated source material, paying short shrift to character development and turning in bland performances in service of redundancy and anachronisms.

Colin S (gb) wrote: This film is epic-bad. It should be used in film school to teach pupils what not to do. Great fun, if you can see through the bad acting, directing, editing, continuity, sets, script, plot, special effects and facial hair. Truly stupid film.