It's My Love Story

It's My Love Story


An honest and sincere attempt at telling a contemporary, urbane love story, about what happens when two unmarried couples live together in this post-modern age.The youngsters here realise that with unbridled freedom comes great responsibilities too. Without forgetting our past, which is always on the back of their mind, they handle their relationships well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Illana B (au) wrote: I loved this film. Though I am not much of a horror film person, I loved the suspense of this thriller. It reminded me of the classic horror flick from Hitchcock days with great cinematic elements, music to help build the tension and lots left to the imagination, unlike many horror films these days. The Abattoir is amazing and the story quite creative. Some of the acting in Abattoir is fantastic and I imagine the sequel will be equally exciting and suspenseful. Don't miss this exceptionally well done old time haunted house horror flick!

Robert H (ca) wrote: While I enjoyed the lofi FX, this War of the Worlds rip off is not only a poor watch but actually tarnishes the great film. If you thought the Tom Cruise film was a let down, check out Alien Dawn and start re-thinking your opinion of that modern remake.The film is filled with poor acting, directing, editing, sound, and the few pieces of "originality" in the film have no basis in reality. Apparently there are some phones out there that allow you to go 10 days without needing to charge them all the while you are using them to shoot video. And during an alien invasion, power is likely going to stay on for days and days and days, meanwhile most the population seems to have been "captured" or killed. And where all the military might of the US can't seem to make a dent in destroying alien vehicles, a dude with some frag grenades and pipe bombs takes them out relatively easily.

Hillary D (de) wrote: Cute flick about people believing in an unlikely student who has strong hopes of attending Princeton University. Fostering this youth & giving him an opportunity opens the doors for many lives.

Ben V (br) wrote: Really unfunny, Acting cheesy, totally insane premise, but some slightly amusing scenes, main actress very beautiful, but had to watch it enthralled to see if it could get any worse (it did), then just a totally shocking ending that didn't make sense.

Doug P (br) wrote: Seriously one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Shame. It had potential. The only good bit was Kimbo Slice's cameo. Not recommended.

David J (fr) wrote: The only redeeming qualities this film has to offer is that it can be so bad that it's a laughable. Regardless, it's another dud in the Christian/Inspirational film genre.

max h (jp) wrote: Much less ridiculous than it could have been, and a welcome departure from the usual horrorfest.

Aaron The Cult Classic Garcia (mx) wrote: Only watch this movie with friends and beer.

HungYa L (mx) wrote: The true story of the one and only Christmas truce during the First World War is simply brilliant. But I do not fancy Diane Kruger.

Bill J (kr) wrote: A cute family film, not quite as good as its predecessor "Angels in the Outfield", but still fun to watch.

Jeff D (ag) wrote: Halle's first major part in a movie. Wow.

Ted P (nl) wrote: Not the most characteristic of Kosturica's films, it is for me perhaps my favorite. 1948 marked the fall out between Tito and Stalin. Rather than turn it into yet another of the Warsaw block, Tito chose to make Yugoslavia a socialist country that maintained strong and active relations with the western sphere. The decision would be an altogether smart one as it would lead to the flourishing of the Yugo state in the 60s and 70s, when Yugoslavs were among the only people of Eastern Europe with the ability to travel without any visa. Yugoslavia itself entered a period of strong prosperity before its fateful demise, maintaining strong relations with the west while becoming a symbolism of Socialist success in the east and among Socialists abroad. Still, as with most other socialist states of the time, changes in political paradigms were dangerous periods where words were carefully monitored while many of those related to the old were done away with. Yugoslav purges were relatively light in comparison to the Stalinist in the USSR or Albania, never the less, as this film shows, they could still be devastating for a family. The film never forgets this setting, reminding us constantly of the cult of Tito and Yugoslavia through the background reporting of Yugoslavia's football success (eventually beating Russia 3-1). This positive feeling is set behind the depression and hardship endured by the family. The story is told from the eye of the youngest son of the family, Malik, whose lecherous father, Maja, is sent to a labor camp after making a negative comment regarding a political satyr in a newspaper, denounced by his own brother-in-law. Malik is not told the reality about his father's disappearance, only that he has gone away on business, "voluntary labor" in a coal mine. After some time Malik begins to sleep walk, The family eventually follows their father at a "reeducation facility" in the town of Zvornik (made infamous in the 90s after up to a 1000 Bosnians were killed there by Serb troops). There Malik falls in love with the sick daughter of a Russian exile. The rest follows from there.The movie is very atypical of Kosturica as it lacks some of his trademark quirkiness and supernatural aspects. The sleep walking of Malik is perhaps the greatest link to Kosturica. The rest of the develops rather slowly and somberly with plenty of darkly lite scenes, reminiscent of classical Soviet/Communist cinematography. The story seems to contrast the strong feelings and devotion Malik develops for Masha, the Russian doctors daughter, with Maja's, his father's (yea, plenty of short names with m), continuous affairs. The film is moving and can be appreciated by anyone. The hardship and fear felt by the family is a common story in the Orwellian world of the eastern block countries. Many from eastern europe will feel plenty at home with this film, with its politicking and paranoia.

Quique S (mx) wrote: Una de las pelculas mas originales y nicas que he visto. Es brillante como los personajes no tienen dilogos y de todas formas la historia se entiende perfectamente; es de agradecer que se usaron efectos prcticos, le da un toque mas clsico y llamativo a toda la pelcula. Quest For Fire es una pelcula sin dilogos pero con personajes carismticos y una historia completamente interesante y entretenida.

Justin M (kr) wrote: Sirk and Stanwyck FTW.

Preston A (br) wrote: Interesting concept, a little long. This movie should hold up for a few more years.

David S (au) wrote: Quite a cute little movie, actually. It had me laughing throughout, it had a lot of heart, and it was fun. Risk yourself the cheese-touch and see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, especially if you have kids.

Tyler S (br) wrote: I can read the reviews, yet I still don't understand what the critics' problems were with this one. Very charming.