It Started with Eve

It Started with Eve

A young man asks a hat check girl to pose as his fiancée in order to make his dying father's last moments happy. However, the old man's health takes a turn for the better and now his son doesn't know how to break the news that he's engaged to someone else, especially since his father is so taken with the impostor.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1941
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:nurse,   marriage,   deception,  

A young man asks a hat check girl to pose as his fiancée in order to make his dying father's last moments happy. However, the old man's health takes a turn for the better and now his son ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikki D (fr) wrote: Twenty8k is a compelling and gritty thriller showcasing the best of British talent in terms of cast, crew & storytelling. The intricate plot keeps you guessing all the way through, as there are so many twists and turns along the way; it's just like trying to fit all the puzzle pieces together! The characters are all believable and found it a real joy to follow the lead character 'Deeva' played by the amazing Parminder Nagra (ER, Alcatraz), in her investigation to find the truth & to clear her brother's name.It really is a terrific ensemble cast, each giving fantastic performances: an excellent Jonas Armstrong (Hit & Miss, The Street) plays social youth worker 'Clint O'Connor', Michael Socha (Being Human) plays 'Tony', Nichola Burley (Streetdance, Jump) plays 'Andrea', a fabulous Kierston Wareing (Luther,The Shadow Line) plays 'Francesca' and Stephen Dillane (Game of Thrones, Hunted) excels as 'DCI Stone.Twenty8k is beautifully shot by directors David Kew & Neil Thompson, creating lots of atmosphere, the helicopter shots of London in particular are simply breathtaking! Lots of comparisons have been made with 'State of Play' because of Paul Abbott 's involvement with the screenplay. And I tend to agree: if you liked 'State of Play' you'll love Twenty8k!

Yuping L (us) wrote: it's a killer... very sexy

John D (nl) wrote: Great classic rental

Richard C (us) wrote: Where's the first one??????

Tim W (nl) wrote: Campy disturbing funny B-movie horror about a monster and addiction social commentary. A very 80`s feel. The acting is outrageous, which adds to the charm. 6.5/10

horse c (de) wrote: Not Perfect, But Solid Entertainment

Anthony V (us) wrote: Lots of 50s alien fun.

Chris B (fr) wrote: Please make a second one

Zachary G (ru) wrote: I just couldn't buy Bill Murray as a Mob Boss. They really should have chosen someone else. I never took his character seriously. De Niro is good in this, and so is the beautiful and sexy Uma Thurman.

Keandre S (kr) wrote: Not the worse piece of trash I've ever seen.

Ryan L (ru) wrote: After reading many reviews on Flixsters (aka Rotten Tomatoes), I have to disagree with 3 major points everyone keeps ranting. This is not a slow burn western-horror flick degrading a clan of Native Americans. The movie starts with David Arquette (ala Scream) & Sid Eady (ala House of a Thousand Corpses) who rob wanderers on the western frontier. While shamelessly murdering/robbing a duo, they hear the howls of a clan like none other. This prompts them to hide, but their hiding spot turns out to be the worst. They find themselves plodding through sacred burial grounds. This immediately prompts the entire premise and setting for the movie.David Arquette flees through the night to find himself on the outskirts of the sleepy Western town of Bright Hope. There Kurt Russell is the Sheriff, and its his deputy who reports a mysterious drifter committing strange acts on Patrick Wilson's property. Without delving into spoilers, a slew of scenes commence to set up a rescue mission that includes a 30+ minute portion of the movie traveling through the dead dry frontier. It's within that chain of scenes that I have to disagree with many other moviegoers. People and their attention spans can really destroy what others may perceive as a smooth transition in movies like this. Its a medium-pace burn to the climax. Not a slow-burn pace. This is perceived from their travels through the frontier. But, there are acts of interests the director injects throughout its course. Mathew Fox (embodying a great resemblance to Doc Holiday) murdering two suspicious Mexicans. And then in the next scene, their clan stealing the heroes' horses. This then prompts the grueling task of traveling on foot. Patrick Wilson's bum leg, crippling himself through the desert. It's enough interest to keep it moving just fine.Then there are people misconceiving this as a Western/Horror. It's neither. It's a suspense movie that happens to take place in the 1800s (maybe 1910s). The dialogue doesn't come near to matching hundreds of other Western movies. Throw a southern drawl on an actor and call it a Western? I don't think so. That's my one and only beef with this film. However, there is a really gnarly death scene towards end of movie. I highly do not recommend this movie for kids under 13 for that one scene alone. And finally, I have seen some moviegoers up in arms regarding the defamation of these Native Americans being portrayed as Savage beasts. Are these same moviegoers numbskulls? There was a civilized, well-educated Native American the city brought in to teach them who this tribe might be. And it was HE who said they are not recognized among the local tribal communes. It is HE who said they were the beasts of the night with no names, no language. So yeah, get off your high horse about that one people. The only bone I had to pick about this movie was the dialogue. The acting was superb. Excellent cast. Everyone meshed very well. The directing was great. The no-named cannibal clan was scary. And the pace moved just fine.

Everett J (gb) wrote: With Wrestlemania coming up, I figured I would watch this as it was free and a WWE movie. Well, just like the other WWE movies I've seen, it sucked. The story is lame, the action is pretty bad and the acting is gawd awful. Edge was an amazing wrestler, but he is not a good actor at all. But then again, the material he is working with is horrible. He plays a detective who is on trial for corruption, and then helps out the DA.(Jamie Kennedy) who is against him, from criminals who want him dead. All while trying to find his dads car that was stolen. This is probably the worst buddy cop movie out there, and is just best to stay away from it. Hour and a half you won't get back.