Italy: Love It, or Leave It

Italy: Love It, or Leave It

After their award winning documentary, 'Suddenly, Last Winter', Luca and Gustav are back. This time they have to decide: should they stay in Italy, or leave it, like so many of their friends have done already. Looking at some defining Italian icons, they go on a emotional trip on a old Fiat 500 through Italy, to look behind the cliches and to discover, what's left of the famous Italian way of life, confronting a glorious pas, a shaky present and an uncertain future.

After their award winning documentary, 'Suddenly, Last Winter', Luca and Gustav are back. This time they have to decide: should they stay in Italy, or leave it, like so many of their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan W (kr) wrote: stand up comedy at its finest

Garrett C (gb) wrote: It's fun for the most part and can be witty/insightful, but the film is too problematical in various departments. The writing is about as hit or miss as you can get.

Matthew C (au) wrote: Classic young Tom Hanks in this movie. I really enjoy his comedic edge as a younger Actor. And toi really cant go wrong with John Candy as well.

Miguel A (jp) wrote: Embora incapaz de manter o seu "feitio" no ltimo tero, "Blind Beast" um thriller psicolgico arty inegavelmente adiantado em relao ao seu tempo. Assim que aceitamos alguns dos seus aspectos mais patticos, o filme de Yasuzo Masumura garante uma infindvel quantidade de imagens to deslumbrantes quanto surreais. Filme parte.

Marco V (it) wrote: More than just a Love story. One of the greatest films ever. Fando y Lis" is totally underrated by most Jorodowsky fans. I think is Jorodowskys best film, and thats really saying something! Most likely any other Jorodowsky film. It is SHOCKING, DISTURBING; MYSTICAL, POWERFUL, SURREAL, GROTESQUE, and its full of symbolism. Words really cannot describe jorodowsky films at all, and obviously, I dont tend to give any spoilers. It caused a riot when it premiered in Mexico back in 1968 - Now I understand why. I will get to TAR soon...A MASTERPIECE!

Tristan M (es) wrote: In a sense similar to the second film of the franchise, but with a new focus, the tanks. Tanks are a hard thing to film well, as is shown in this movie, and it's hard to get the vehicles and shots you need to make the film look good. This movie somewhat lacks that. It has the tanks, but not the shots, and generally seems cheap and low budget, which it is. The acting is pretty poor, and is the dialogue and script, and the cinematography is 'basic'. The race thing is ok, but it seems like it's too much at times. I don't know for sure but I have doubts about there being a black regiment that drove the Hellcat operationally in WWII, or any tank for that matter. The effects are poor, notably the gun flashes, sounds, or bullet impacts, which takes away a lot from the action. With the small scale of the movie and budget it's to be expected, but still is disappointing. The German soldier killing his own commander to save the British guy was something I really didn't like, and so was the shooting the Panzer with the panzerfaust. I would have preferred a tank vs tank ending, and even if they did use the panzerfaust why did they use it from underground? As long as the charge hit any armour on the Panzer WITHOUT hitting the side skirts first would have penetrated it, so hitting from the bottom was pointless. Anyways overall the movie was a lot like the second in terms of feel, not really better although they gave it a good effort. Paying tribute to the blacks that didn't get recognized in the war is a good idea, but doesn't really work all that great here.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Decently funny. Jennifer has definitely aged like fine wine.

Sydney P (br) wrote: An engaging story that is beautifully shot and wonderfully acted. Great performances all around by Jeon Do Hyun, Kim Go Eun and Lee Byung Hun, but in particular by Jeon and Kim. Mesmerizing at times and heart-wrenching in parts, this movie stays in your mind long after you have left the theater.

Jerry S (es) wrote: This movie has the humour of a retard and the animation of a first year animation student trying to get an f on his project